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Heather Heyer and Cayler Ellingson

Two Kids Murdered… Show Me the Difference

On August 12th, 2017, James Alex Fields Jr., a white supremacist, deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people protesting against a Right-wing rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer of Charlottesville, and injuring 35 others. Fields was immediately arrested and held without bail.  The Attorney General was Jeff Sessions and President Trump was in the White House.  Justice was swift.

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Shockingly, Police Cars Use Gas!

Will Patrol for Fuel

Gas prices are on the rise.  No revelation there.  According to the Automobile Association of America, the national average for a gallon of gas today (June 10th) is a record-breaking $4.97. Not only has the high cost of gas driven up the cost of ALL goods because everything has to be moved by trucks running on diesel or gas, but it’s also driven up the cost of all services that rely on cars or trucks… at least those services that are able to pass on the high cost of fuel to their customers.

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Is This What Your Workplace Looks Like?

It’s a Dangerous Life

Police live dangerous lives.  They risk their lives when they put on their uniforms each morning; many don’t even dare wear their uniforms from their homes to their stations for fear of retribution toward their families.  They’re on the road constantly; they risk their lives every time they turn on their lights and sirens.  The

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Portland Rioters Rage Against Trump

A Liberal Tantrum

As I write this (November 12th), Liberal anarchists are rioting in downtown Portland… for the third night in a row now.  In fact, there are riots in more than a dozen major cities across America tonight… for the third night in a row.  We’ve seen dozens of celebrities promise to leave the United States.  Others

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Rifle Confiscation in NYC… Today!

If our government made firearms 100% illegal tomorrow and aggressively confiscated all known firearms there would still be literally millions of firearms secreted away by Americans – and American criminals – all over the country… enough to last for decades!  The only difference would be that law-abiding citizens would no longer be able to defend themselves

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America Militarizes Its Police

A friend of mine recently sent me Radley Balko’s recent article from the Saturday Essay column of the Wall Street Journal titled “Rise of the Warrior Cop: Is it time to reconsider the militarization of American policing?”  I’ve provided that article in its entirety below. Initially I sort of passed the whole thing off because I kinda dig

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58 Minutes in Detroit

It takes an average of 58 minutes for the Police to respond to a 911 call in Detroit.  Many times there is no response at all if the Police become involved in other, more pressing matters.  What can four young gangsters do to you and your family when they know the Police are 58 minutes

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Murder in America

In the wake of the trial in Florida of George Zimmerman for his part in the shooting death of Travon Martin I am distressed – as I would hope a great many of you out there are distressed – that many Americans, including a large number of black Americans, and all of the standard stable of

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Denver Police Response Time

Denver Police response time was an abysmal 14 minutes and 21 seconds in 2011 – well above the national average of about 9 minutes.  But in 2012 it got much worse!  In 2012 the response time lengthened to an incredible 16 minutes and 50 seconds! YA!  Hey, let’s pass a bunch of asinine new anti-gun

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