Will Patrol for Fuel
Shockingly, Police Cars Use Gas!
Shockingly, Police Cars Use Gas!

Gas prices are on the rise.  No revelation there.  According to the Automobile Association of America, the national average for a gallon of gas today (June 10th) is a record-breaking $4.97.

Not only has the high cost of gas driven up the cost of ALL goods because everything has to be moved by trucks running on diesel or gas, but it’s also driven up the cost of all services that rely on cars or trucks… at least those services that are able to pass on the high cost of fuel to their customers.

One of those services is your local Police force.  Obviously, those Police cars run on gasoline.

Now of course, Police aren’t able to pass on their fuel costs to those they serve – at least not immediately.  Instead, they run on an annual fuel budget allotted to them by their respective municipal government from tax dollars.  And because the cost of fuel has risen by $1.82/gallon since this time last year (almost doubling since President Biden took office) many Police departments have already blown through their entire annual fuel budget for 2022… in June!

This comes at a time when…

1. Crime – and especially violent crime and murder – is on the rise, mostly in large Democrat Party-controlled cities so far, but spreading out into smaller cities across the country,

2. Democratic Socialist District Attorneys are emptying our prisons and refusing to prosecute criminals, even for violent crimes,

3. Chinese Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs are pouring over our southern border in quantities large enough to kill entire cities, fueling millions of addicts who now run through the streets of our cities free to loot stores to fund their drug habits without fear of prosecution from those same Liberal DAs,

4. Liberal politicians are actually condoning violence against their political enemies and even our judges,

5. The Department of Homeland Security is warning Police departments across the country to prepare for a “summer of violence” in the face of the anticipated abortion ruling from the Supreme Court, and, of course

6. The “Defund the Police” movement.  Police departments have been intentionally crippled by Democratic Socialist politicians.  And while the Democrat Party may have finally realized the political poison of their ill-fated “Defund the Police” movement of the past two years, the damage has already been done.  Dozens of big city Police departments have collectively lost tens of thousands of Police Officers to this insanity.  And while the official party line may have moved away from “defunding”, the lack of support for Police activities, and the propensity to blame and prosecute Police remains.

So now, we’re looking at a “perfect storm”.

And our President (and the rest of the senior leadership of the DNC) is not only doing nothing, he’s actively working to exacerbate these factors!  Biden refuses to address the crisis at the southern border.  He refuses to speak out against the demonization of our Police.  He’s actively encouraging the violence against his political enemies and conservative judges.

When it comes to gas prices, President Biden recently said; “We’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger, and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels”.

Our President wants higher gas prices.  He wants us all to buy electric cars.  If you can’t see that you’re living in denial.  Since his first day in office President Biden has done everything he can possibly do to drive gas prices up.  And now he blames Putin’s war with Ukraine.

President Biden, and the senior leadership of the DNC, are entirely committed to their “Green New Deal”, and the American people are going to pay for it… right now… whether we want to or not… whether we can afford it or not.

And now, we’ll just have to do with a less responsive Police force – a Police force literally out of gas.

You may be too old to understand, but your children have already been made to understand by their enlightened teachers.  We must all endure the “great transformation”.  You may need to be re-educated.

Viva la Revolución Verde!

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