Part With Some o’Yer Gold Mateys!

Part with some o'yer gold!
Part with some o’yer gold!

A note to me crew from the Captain; ya know you can tweet and blog and fuss and swear all day long, till the sun’s a settin’ o’er the yardarm… but until you put your gold where you mouth is it’s all for nothin!

Here’s a few o’the worthy causes ya should be donatin some a yer hard-earned doubloons to!

National Rifle Association (NRA),, @NRA

2nd Amendment Foundation,, @2AFDN

Right to Work Foundation (anti-Union) (Not on Twitter)

TEA Party,, @TeaPartyExpress

Gun Owners of America (GOA),, @larrypratt

Wounded Warrior Foundation,, @wwpinc

Ta be sure there’s others, and so ya should be a-tweetn them around too, but these here be some good ones!

So show the color o’yer gold mateys, er we may have ta chuck ya o’board for a swim!

     ~ Captain Shivers, Blind Pirate, Somewhere at Sea


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