Murder in America
George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman

In the wake of the trial in Florida of George Zimmerman for his part in the shooting death of Travon Martin I am distressed – as I would hope a great many of you out there are distressed – that many Americans, including a large number of black Americans, and all of the standard stable of professional black victimologists are intoning the same chant… they believe/feel that the verdict “lacked wisdom, respect and sympathy for this poor dead child and his parents.”

So these people would have preferred to see standing Florida law circumvented, and George Zimmerman convicted perhaps of manslaughter and sentenced to a dozen years in a Florida prison (perhaps up to 20 according to Florida law) for no other reason than to show some “wisdom, respect and sympathy” for the family?  It’s outrageous!

George Zimmerman was found by the FBI to have NOT violated Travon Martin’s civil rights well before the trial.  During the trial the prosecution and even the judge did everything they could to convict Zimmerman.  But in the end he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers IN ACCORDANCE WITH FLORIDA STATE LAW!

Got a problem with that then have a problem with the laws in Florida.  But everyone has had their day in court.  It’s over.  This is not about Zimmerman going forward.

Now to this concept that white Americans with concealed weapons go about the country ‘hunting blacks’ – those very words used by at least a dozen black activists on nearly all of the main stream media shows just since this trial ended.

Here are the facts from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics.  16% of murder victims were members of the murderer’s family and another 64% – for a total of 80% – are murdered by friends or acquaintances.

Since blacks and whites in America still have a tendency to associate along racial lines it should come as no surprise that 91% of blacks that are murdered are murdered by other blacks, and 86% of murdered whites are likewise murdered by other white people.

Pretty simple stuff.

Whites are not ‘hunting blacks’ as the Far Left media would have us believe.  Neither are black Americans ‘hunting whites’.  This is just more bullshit that is fed to us by the media.  It’s total bullshit.  It’s being served up because such asinine rhetoric matches their view of the world, their narrative, but it does not match reality.

Yet the freakin’ President of the United States has already come out to say that the Zimmerman verdict is simply more proof that we need more gun laws – WHAT?!? YA! – and his lock-step jackass racial activist of an Attorney General Eric Holder is in the process of building a Civil Rights case against Zimmerman!

Here’s a link to a PDF of that study for your review…

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