A Liberal Tantrum
Portland Rioters Rage Against Trump
Portland Rioters Rage Against Trump

As I write this (November 12th), Liberal anarchists are rioting in downtown Portland… for the third night in a row now.  In fact, there are riots in more than a dozen major cities across America tonight… for the third night in a row.  We’ve seen dozens of celebrities promise to leave the United States.  Others have recorded videos of their weeping and moaning.  There have even been several suggestions that someone should assassinate Donald Trump before he can be inaugurated President – among them Ms. Monisha Rajesh, a freelance journalist who writes for both the Guardian and the Telegraph, popular British newspapers.

The source of all this hate and discontent seems to be the fact that Hillary Clinton received about 1.1% more of the popular vote than Donald Trump received, but Trump took the Electoral College by a significant margin (290 to 228). That percentage of popular vote and the Electoral College count are both at the time of my correction of this article on November 14th, with Michigan and New Hampshire still in the process of counting their votes.  Even if both states go to Clinton the election will still go to Trump.  That means that Donald Trump will be our next President.  That’s the way our government works.

CORRECTION (posted 14 Nov 2016); I had initially stated in this article that Presidents Clinton, Nixon and Kennedy had also been elected President while losing the popular vote.  That information is incorrect, and I apologize for my poor research.  Please see this link for an accurate accounting of those instances when the popular vote countered the Electoral College.  By providing erroneous information in my original posting I most certainly weighted this article in a direction that was misleading to my readers.  The truth is that since the beginning of the 20th century only President George W. Bush (January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009) and now President Elect Trump have won the Presidency after having lost the popular vote.  I have performed 50 Airborne push-ups for this mistake (or at least attempted to do so… I’m a bit on in years).  But I think the point of this article remains unchanged; that point being that we have a Constitutional election system which includes the Electoral College as the final arbiter, and that to riot, loot stores, burn cars, destroy property and commit violent assault is not a form of protest.  These are criminal acts and the perpetrators are nothing less than criminals.

By way of another update, as of November 14th these criminal riots continue in 22 large cities across America with last night being the 5th night of violence and destruction.

The same thing happened with George W. Bush (Republican) in 2004, Bill Clinton (Democrat) in both 1996 and 1992 (humm… didn’t hear anyone crying then!), Richard Nixon (Republican) in 1968, John Kennedy (another Democrat – in fact probably the most popular Democratic Party President other than Obama in the last 100 years) in 1960, Harry Truman (another Democrat) in 1948, and on and on.  All of these Presidents – Democrat and Republican alike – were elected by the majority of the Electoral College even though they did not win the popular vote.

Remember the riots that tore apart our cities as Republicans took to the streets when Bill Clinton “stole the election” in 1992 and again in 1996?  Ya… you don’t remember those riots because THEY DIDN’T HAPPEN!  In fact, this sort of bullshit has NEVER HAPPENED!  Not in our ENTIRE HISTORY!  In my entire lifetime, I have never seen this sort of childish, whining, crying, criminal temper tantrum thrown by full-grown adults.  (Please see correction above)

The fact is that the Electoral College exists for a reason.  The Reader’s Digest version is that without it our President would be elected by the people who live in the nation’s dozen or so largest cities, mostly located on the east and west coasts… the very same cities that are now tearing themselves apart because they lost.  Are these the people you want electing our President?

The 2016 Presidential election was conducted fairly and in accordance with our Constitution.  The votes are in.  The Electoral College has been counted.  The winner is Donald Trump.  On December 19th, the vote will be delivered to Washington DC.  On January 20th of next year Donald Trump will be inaugurated as our 45th President.  To carry on with any other thoughts in your mind is simply foolish.  It is simply unconstitutional… and to set your damn city on fire is simply illegal!

As Conservative as I am I managed to live through four years of Jimmy Carter, eight years of Bill Clinton and eight years of Barack Obama.  Liberals will somehow find a way to tolerate Donald Trump for a few years.

It’s time for spoiled, pampered, juvenile, everybody-gets-a-trophy, where’s-my-safe-place, Liberal America to grow up and stop burning down your freakin cities, destroying cars and assaulting people!  You are no longer protesting.  You’ve become dangerous criminals.

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