It’s a Dangerous Life
Is This What Your Workplace Looks Like?
Is This What Your Workplace Looks Like?

Police live dangerous lives.  They risk their lives when they put on their uniforms each morning; many don’t even dare wear their uniforms from their homes to their stations for fear of retribution toward their families.  They’re on the road constantly; they risk their lives every time they turn on their lights and sirens.  The most common Police interactions are traffic stops and domestic abuse calls, which are the two most likely situations to wind up in shootings.

It’s no wonder that Police are shot all the time.  Sometimes they are shot dead.  Even if they survive the shooting that’s usually the end of their career and they suffer with disabilities for the rest of their lives.

The National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial Fund reports that so far this year – as of Thanksgiving Day 2016 – there have been 60 Police Officers fatally shot in the line of duty in America.  That works out to one dead Police Officer every 5.5 days!

Most recently – in fact, in just the past week or so…

  • San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi shot in the head, on 20 November by a black man… who got married the very next day.
  • A police officer (name not yet released) was shot twice Sunday night in south St. Louis by a driver beside his car on 21 November by a black man. The Officer is still in critical condition.
  • Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan Police Officer Collin Rose shot in the head and died on 23 November. His murderer was a black man.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving Day surprise for their families!  And in response, the exact same number of people took to the streets to protest these senseless attacks as turned out to violently protest Barrack Obama’s elections in 2008 and 2012… and that would be pretty much zero.

Other Law Enforcement officers were shot and killed during this same period, but this happens so frequently now it’s hard to keep up!  My apologies to any of the heroes I have not mentioned here, and my prayers to their families.

Turns out…

  • Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a damn about these fallen Police Officers.
  • The Leftist, elitist, Socialist main stream media doesn’t give a damn about these fallen Police Officers.
  • And certainly, neither President Obama nor his Attorney General Loretta Lynch give a damn about these fallen Police Officers.

But if the tables were turned, and these Police Officers had been quick enough to avoid the bullets heading their way, and managed to shoot and kill their assailants you can damn sure bet that Obama and Lynch would suddenly be very interested… because then three black men would be lying on the ground.  These Police Officers would probably be suspended and pending trial for murder at the hands of Liberal District Attorneys and Mayors.

But these men were not that fortunate.  So now their wives must now live without their husbands and their children will have to learn to get by without their fathers.

What do you suppose America will look like as our Police departments dwindle away to nothing due to the fear of lawsuits?

What will we do as Police patrol less and less, and respond to calls of violent assault, robbery and burglary more and more slowly to save their own skins should the call turn out to be an ambush?

What will become of America when the Police simply stop policing, and the gangsters and drug dealers take over?

National Police response times are increasing and new recruitment is down in response to abuse by local, state and federal Justice authorities.

We need only look at places like…

  • City Center, East St. Louis, run by Democrats since 1949, with 180+ murders and 2,300+ shootings so far in 2016
  • Mulberry-Freemont in Baltimore. run by Democrats since 1947, with 340+ murders and 2,500+ shootings so far in 2016,
  • West Englewood in Chicago, run by Democrats since 1931, with a whopping 470+ murders and 3,000+ shootings so far in 2016!

These are just three of the America’s most crime-ridden cities.  Of America’s top 100 highest crime rate major cities only one is run by a Republican Mayor… Atlantic City is America’s 8th most crime-ridden city and they have a Republican Mayor.  However, Mayor Don Guardian only took office in early 2015, and was preceded by 24 years of Democratic Party Mayors.

Of course, statistics can be tricky things, and I have not done my own research on this subject, but have relied on published articles and reports.  No doubt one of my readers will offer up a high crime city run for decades by Republicans, but it is clear from my research that for the most part it is true that Democratic administrations and policies lead to higher crime rates.

Per capita income in places such as these is half the nation’s average, and unemployment is double or triple what it is elsewhere.  These places look like third world countries.  Prostitutes and drug dealers are on every corner.  Gangsters prowl the streets, shake down businesses for protection and murder each other in broad daylight.  Nights are illuminated by burning cars and buildings and the calm is split by gunfire.  There are multiple shootings every day and dozens of murders each month.  In a word, they’re shitholes… and they’re turning into shitholes without Police, controlled by gangbangers.

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