Denver Police Response Time

Denver Police response time was an abysmal 14 minutes and 21 seconds in 2011 – well above the national average of about 9 minutes.  But in 2012 it got much worse!  In 2012 the response time lengthened to an incredible 16 minutes and 50 seconds!

Denver Police
Denver Police

YA!  Hey, let’s pass a bunch of asinine new anti-gun laws Colorado!  That’ll fix the freakin’ problem!

In December of last year the Denver Chief of Police Robert White told CBS News, “If it’s a bona fide emergency and it’s taking 17 minutes, that’s a challenge for us,” White said. “That’s not a reasonable response time for a bona fide emergency.”  Funny cause that particular quote never made it to the national news in the aftermath of the anti-gun laws passed by Colorado’s liberal legislature when the Chris Matthews’ of the world were praising Colorado for taking the problem of gun violence to task.

If you think your government – Republican or Democrat – will protect you and your family, look out for your rights, spend your tax dollars wisely, respect your privacy, defend our nation… buddy you are dreamin’

Oh ya, the best thing to do to combat crime is to get rid of our guns!

… the best thing to do to combat terrorists is to bring our troops home, apologize and send more weapons to the terrorists.

… the best thing to do to combat unemployment is to legalize millions of illegal aliens.

… the best thing to do to combat corruption in the IRS is to promote their seniors and give them thousands more agents.

… the best thing to do to defend our privacy is to build a massive new NSA facility to track all of our phone calls.

… the best thing to do to spend our tax dollars wisely is to fund a back-breaking new health care program.

Do ya see a freakin’ pattern here America?  WAKE UP!

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