58 Minutes in Detroit
Detroit Police
Detroit Police

It takes an average of 58 minutes for the Police to respond to a 911 call in Detroit.  Many times there is no response at all if the Police become involved in other, more pressing matters.  What can four young gangsters do to you and your family when they know the Police are 58 minutes away… when they know your neighbors will only pull their drapes and turn up your TV to cover the sounds of your screams for help?  Think it can’t happen where you live?  The people of Detroit probably thought that too – at some point in the past.  Now they have one of the highest murder rates in the nation… and the Police are only 58 minutes away.

Maybe the answer is tougher gun laws, bigger government, harsh penalties on small business, tax incentives for unions, legalization of millions of illegal aliens, more welfare programs, glorification of ‘Gangsta-Rap’ and of course a heavy dose of contempt and blame for those pesky traditional, conservative values held by those pitiable morons who cling to their guns and bibles.

Yup.  That’ll fix it all up.

Wake up America.  Detroit is coming to your town!

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