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Three Very Dangerous Gaffes

Just since President Biden landed in Europe two days ago, on May 26th, he’s blabbed at least three gaffes.  THREE!  Three very dangerous verbal gaffes. Well, that’s just ol’ Uncle Joe, you might say. After all, even the Liberal media has long admitted he’s gaffe-prone.  All just part of his fuddy-duddy, loveable nature they tell

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Abortion is Murder

Listening to the abortion debate renewed this morning by the illegal release of a draft document from the Supreme Court regarding a potential revisit of the infamous 1973 “Roe v. Wade” decision. From the Left, I’m hearing the same tired argument; “My body, my choice!”  Yeah… except when it comes to COVID vaccines, I suppose.

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Cremation of War Crimes in Ukraine

As of yesterday, the conservative estimate of innocent non-combatant civilians killed by Russians in Ukrainian cities like Mariupol, Bucha, and others range from 5,000 to several times that number.  Many with their hands bound behind their backs, shot in the head execution-style.  Some were left in the streets (we have satellite images of that) and

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Chemical Weapons in Ukraine?

Unconfirmed reports of a possible Russian chemical weapon attack against Ukrainian troops in the southeastern city of Mariupol were made by the “Azov Battalion“, a Ukrainian right-wing paramilitary group (), and began circulating on social media on Monday.  Certainly not any sort of reliable news sources here, of course, but a concern nonetheless, especially in

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“You Can’t Own a Cannon!”

Why does President Biden continue to say that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States never allowed American citizens to own a cannon?  He’s said that over and over again for years.  That’s simply not true.  And over all these years, someone must have made that clear to him. He earned a

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Chinese Aggression

Aggressive Chinese military actions are in the news today; their support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, updates to their own nuclear weapons programs, and shipments of anti-aircraft missiles to Serbia.  And we dare not take our eye off of China, no doubt about that. Speaking of taking one’s eye off the ball, you may recall

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Just Don’t Screw Up!

President Biden trumpeted his new jobs report on Friday.  Nationwide unemployment is at 3.6%, the lowest level since February 2020, when it was 3.5%. “The jobs report was solid all around, with good monthly job growth, upward revisions to January and February, and a bigger-than-expected drop in the unemployment rate,” said Bill Adams, chief economist

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The Cost of Oil

You may have noticed a recent (past couple of days) drop in the cost of crude oil ‘per barrel’… if you follow that sort of thing.  I’m retired and I have a lot of time on my hands, so yeah, I follow that sort of thing.  But you probably have NOT seen any decrease in

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