Three Very Dangerous Gaffes
Is Our President Mentally Competent?
Is Our President Mentally Competent?

Just since President Biden landed in Europe two days ago, on May 26th, he’s blabbed at least three gaffes.  THREE!  Three very dangerous verbal gaffes.

Well, that’s just ol’ Uncle Joe, you might say. After all, even the Liberal media has long admitted he’s gaffe-prone.  All just part of his fuddy-duddy, loveable nature they tell us.  He’s not laughable… he’s affable!

Well, these last three were very dangerous gaffes… on a very visible world stage… at a critical point in a war involving a nuclear power under the control of an unstable megalomaniac, treading dangerously close to the eastern nations of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to which the United States is a signatory.

So… not lovable, not amusing, not momentary slips of the tongue that were corrected in the next sentence.  No, these were statements that President Biden doubled down on, that were apparently written into his speeches, considering he almost always speaks from a teleprompter and almost never takes questions.

And here they are ladies and gentlemen… let’s roll the tape!

  • Biden tells U.S. troops in Poland they will soon enter Ukraine, and describes the scenes of Ukrainian bravery they’ll see there
  • Biden states that NATO will respond “in-kind” to any Russian chemical weapons attack – the key phrase being “in-kind’, meaning that NATO will retaliate to a Russian chemical attack with its own chemical weapons – which is a violation of our own laws of warfare
  • And, perhaps most dangerous of all, to an already unstable Putin, backed into a corner by an obvious lack of progress in his ill-conceived Ukrainian campaign, Biden demands regime change in Russia!  And this speech was instantly lauded by a fawning Liberal media.  A former CBS News White House correspondent actually compared it to President Ronald Reagan’s famous 1987 “Tear Down That Wall” speech!

Of course, in each instance, the White House was quick to walk these comments back, but what message does that send?  Our President goes to Europe to rally our allies and set the stage for strong, unified action against the Russians, and he’s so confused and befuddled that he has to be interpreted by his ‘handlers’ back at the White House at every turn.  And this man is the ‘leader of the free world’?  Why go at all?  Why not just issue a press release?

All this at a time when every military and foreign policy expert warns that Putin may use chemical, biological, or even nuclear weapons at any time in Ukraine.  At a point in this conflict when Russia’s top military leaders have been refusing calls from their counterparts in the Pentagon as it customary at these times.

Three critical gaffes in just two days!  A record even for Joe Biden!

I think maybe it’s time for some very clear communication.  Maybe it’s time for a very clear-spoken President to deliver some very clear messages to the Russians, to our allies, and to the world.

But we don’t have a clear-speaking, clear-thinking President, do we?  No, all we have is Joe Biden.  At least our Vice President is only inane and incomprehensible.

According to the Real Clear Politics website President Biden’s job approval rating just this morning stands at 41% approval.  Which makes me wonder… who are these people?  Who are these 41% of Americans who, after more than a year of President Biden, look around at our…

  • Insanely high crime rates in nearly every major city in America brought about by the DNC’s “defund the Police” fanaticism, Leftist Mayoral and District Attorney “no cash bail” policies, and the decriminalization of crimes like shoplifting, burglary, and even assault
  • High gas prices brought about the DNC’s “war on fossil fuels,” which in turn drove us to high inflation, which President Biden himself shifted into high gear on day 1 of his presidency with a half-dozen targeted executive orders doing things like shutting down work on the Keystone pipeline and denying new drilling leases on federal land
  • Continuing high unemployment brought about by the Left’s fanatic and never-ending COVID tyranny, shutting down small businesses, necessitating corresponding long-term government hand-outs, which Biden supported for a full year after taking office despite zero support from the “science” of the thing, even in the face of recent revelations of cover-ups at the CDC
  • Out-of-control southern border, and resulting containing and unabated fentanyl and opioid crises, neither of which has garnered the slightest attention from President Biden… not surprising, since, in the minds of Liberals, an open border fuels the roles of future Democrat voters
  • Abysmal retreat from Afghanistan almost immediately after Biden took office, stranding thousands of American citizens, but ending our longest war, only to mismanage the Russians to the extent that in the space of a single year, we’re on the brink of yet another war
  • And now our weakness on the world stage in the face of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine… being watched closely by our enemies in China who already has nuclear weapons and may now invade Taiwan, North Korea who may now proceed with their development of nuclear weapons and invade South Korea, and Iran who may now also proceed with their development of nuclear weapons… except that Uncle Joe actually has the Russians negotiating on our behalf with the Iranians, so I’m sure that will work out alright.

Who are these Americans who watch all of that and think, “Yup! Ol’ Uncle Joe!  He’s just doing a pretty darn good job as President!”

They’re probably the same ones who think Independence Day celebrates our victory over the Germans in WWII… er, was that WWIII… ?

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