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4th Estate… or 5th Column?

Here’s another rant from a respected member of me crew – it’s that damned Scotsman again! “For them to keep believing in their worldview, they must lie to even themselves.” “Can you imagine what our political situation would look like if we had an actual non-partisan, watchdog media? In other words, if the media actually

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Notice Ta Me Crew!

Make no mistake; although I do count myself with the TEA Party, in Nov 2014 and again in Nov 2016 I will vote straight Republican Party line, and I don’t care if Bozo the Clown is leading the ticket. I have stated many times that I now consider myself to be a TEA Party member,

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The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization?

A friend of mine recently sent me this to me in the course of an e-mail discussion we had concerning the worsening situation in America, the dramatic rise of Leftist ideology and the importance of the upcoming elections This’ll scare the barnacles off yer hull! —– Politics are downstream from culture, and the traditional American

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Rights? What Rights?

Can you imagine your friends telling you things like, “just go to your job, come home, watch the game on cable, spend time with your family, and don’t cause trouble”? How about “don’t speak out so much man, and you won’t attract so much attention from the government.  Can’t you just accept your place in

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The 45% – Partly Dead is Still Mostly Alive

Somewhere between 40% and 45%… that’s about how many Americans still think Obama and the Democrats are doing a good job.  Of course you can bet that those are all Democrats! But that does NOT mean that the inverse portion of Americans – the other 55% to 60% – is suddenly going to suddenly start

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Rifle Confiscation in NYC… Today!

If our government made firearms 100% illegal tomorrow and aggressively confiscated all known firearms there would still be literally millions of firearms secreted away by Americans – and American criminals – all over the country… enough to last for decades!  The only difference would be that law-abiding citizens would no longer be able to defend themselves

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America’s Challenges – Worst Case Scenario

  Warning: this article contains unfiltered personal opinion, sweeping generalities and dire predictions. Further I fully expect and hope that this generates significant controversy and comment! I tell you that today – January of 2014 – our Union is far from lost.  America is still the strongest, richest and most free nation on Earth.  However

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The Obamanomics of Health Care & Immigration

Did you know that under ObamaCare – a law that is obviously already on the books and in full effect as of just a few days ago – under this new law, employers who hire non-US citizens that are here in America legally on work visas (for example) do not have to pay into that

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