Just Don’t Screw Up!

President Biden trumpeted his new jobs report on Friday.  Nationwide unemployment is at 3.6%, the lowest level since February 2020, when it was 3.5%.

“The jobs report was solid all around, with good monthly job growth, upward revisions to January and February, and a bigger-than-expected drop in the unemployment rate,” said Bill Adams, chief economist for Comerica Bank.

This good news is, however, counterbalanced by the highest inflation rate in more than 30 years which remains unchanged, and in fact, continues to grow.

Still, kudos for the good news Mr. President, regardless of that stubborn inflation.  What was the term you used?  “Transitory”?  “Temporary”?  I can’t remember.  Seems to really be hanging on though.

But let’s take a closer look at that unemployment rate.

In February of 2020, unemployment in America was even lower than it is today… at 3.5% – its lowest point since the 1950s.  President Trump was in the White House, and he’d been steadily stripping out hundreds of job-killing regulations and lowering restrictive tax rates resulting in unprecedented growth in small businesses.  He’d also been working to lower energy costs resulting in the lowest gas prices we’ve seen in a long time.  Cheap gas meant cheap everything, and cheap everything is good for business, and when business is good jobs are plentiful.

Then in March of 2020, the COVID pandemic suddenly hit.  It seemed to come out of nowhere, but in fact, President Trump told us it came out of Wuhan, China.  The mainstream media, the World Health Organization, and even our own Center for Disease Control quite literally called him a liar for that, even though now two years later that’s been proven to be absolutely true… sorta like Hunter Biden’s laptop and the truth about the 2020 Presidential Election results.  But I digress.

By April of 2020, just 60 days later, unemployment had more than quadrupled to an unbelievable 14.7%, its highest since the Great Depression of the early 1930s, when unemployment exceeded 25%.

But thanks to a steady hand at the economic wheel, 6 months later, in October of 2020, just before the 2020 Presidential Election, unemployment had returned to a much more manageable 6.9%.  And by Inauguration Day of 2021, as President Trump peacefully handed the reins of power over to newly elected President Biden (despite what MSNBC and CNN may tell you about the January 6th “Insurrection”) unemployment had dropped to 6.4% and was continuing to fall.  It’s taken Biden more than a year to return unemployment to pre-COVID levels, but he’s done it… so, kudos.

President Trump had set conditions for small business growth and that’s the fuel for the American economy.

All President Biden really had to do was nothing… just not screw up… just not upset the apple cart.

So why did it take President Biden more than a full year to return unemployment to previous lows?  Energy costs mostly, and I could go into that, but for now, I’m good with letting President Biden enjoy this victory.  3.6% unemployment is good for America, and President Biden deserves the credit for not screwing that up.

It’s a shame that in just about every other measure of national performance President Biden seems to have done his level best to overturn every good thing President Trump had managed to accomplish during his tortured 4-year term.

President Biden has not united America, he’s divided us.  He’s blown our southern border wide open.  He has stood idly by and watched as crime has skyrocketed in just about every major city in the country.  He and Dr. Fauci are still talking about new COVID variants, and the possibility of significant new restrictions, more vaccines, and more mask mandates.  Gas prices have doubled, inflation has doubled, and every adversary we face around the globe is emboldened by his feckless, cowardly foreign policy.

All President Biden really had to do was nothing… just not screw up… just not upset the apple cart.

But instead, he declared war on fossil fuels, pandered to his fringy far-Left base, used the Department of Justice to threaten parents over COVID, stopped construction of the border wall, and pandered to the worst dictators on the planet.

But hey!  At least unemployment is low.

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