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The New ObamaCar

So lemme get this straight.  You passed a law that was to have provided low-cost insurance to America’s poor who could not otherwise afford it.  In order to do that we now learn that you have redefined the word “insurance.”  Now you’re telling all Americans exactly which features are “acceptable” in any and all insurance

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Facts and Predictions

Fact; Doctors are falling in line to refuse to support ObamaCare and to treat patients insured by those plans approximately 2:1.  Prediction; Not enough paying contributors will sign up for ObamaCare.  As “Baby Boomers” age and pass into their geriatric phase of life when health care costs skyrocket, and as the new law provides free

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What Scandal?

What scandal? •  Mexican gun running under Fast and Furious • Revelations of member identities and operational details of SEAL Team 6 • Benghazi and the assassination of our Ambassador there • NSA monitoring our phone calls and e-mails • The Justice Departments repeated failures to prosecute black activists • Using drones in our own country without the benefit of

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Iranian Bomb

In case you weren’t paying attention… I know, all the pot, Doritos and Halo – looks like the Iranians are just about to detonate a nuclear weapon! Good for them, huh?  Man, that was sure a lot faster than the “five to ten years” the Obama administration has been touting for the past… uh, three

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A million individual insurance plans have already been cancelled by major insurance companies across America because of ObamaCare.  Millions more are pending cancellation.  Overall there may be as many as 10+ million individual insurance plans cancelled. Documents recently released by the Department of Health and Human Services under the Freedom of Information Act show that

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The Deal

I am watching the news this morning here from Kabul and seeing the “deal” that the Republicans have cut with the Democrats – more like surrender in my opinion – and I see that still there is no end in sight to our government’s glut of overspending.  This “deal” brings us no closer to any

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Search Google for TEA Party and the TEA Party’s official website – – shows up as the 5th link offered. Search Google for Republican Party and their site – – is the 4th link down the page. Search Google for Democratic Party and there it is right at the top of the page…

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Government Shutdown

I haven’t spoken out yet about this government shutdown.  I was actually undecided about whether or not it was the correct course of action.  We still have the debt ceiling debate to get through, not to mention the toxic – perhaps nuclear – fallout that will inevitably ensue amongst the “low information voters”… “Low information

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