What Speaker of the House Paul Ryan SHOULD have said…
Low-Life Paul Ryan
Low-Life Paul Ryan

What Speaker of the House Paul Ryan SHOULD have said to the main stream media about Mr. Trump’s locker room audio…


Mr. Trump’s comments to which you are referring were made 11 years ago.  He’s apologized and fair-minded Americans will accept that apology.  Of course for partisan Democrats no apology will ever be sufficient.  The exact opposite is true of Secretary Clinton and her e-mail scandal.  In that case Secretary Clinton apologized and as you might expect partisan Republicans will probably never accept her apology.

Americans pride themselves on forgiveness and in both of these instances the apologies of Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump should be accepted for that they are.  I will say this; Secretary Clintons e-mail scandal almost certainly gave our enemies access to classified information of the most sensitive possible nature, whereas Mr. Trump’s comments, while certainly crude, misogynistic and offensive, certainly put no one in danger.

With regard to the overall issue of women’s rights; for her part Secretary Clinton has accepted more than $100 million dollars in campaign donations from Saudi Arabia alone – one of the most misogynist nations on the planet – without any apology whatsoever.  She should return that money immediately.

Our nation faces a myriad of serious threats and challenges, each of which might be considered extremely daunting individually, but taken in total they place America in the most precarious position we have been in since perhaps the days leading up to World War II.

President Obama’s failed foreign policies of passive accommodation, pandering and even collusion have made possible some of the worst assaults on peaceful populations and threats to global democracy seen since the end of the Cold War… and Secretary Clinton was complicit in all of that during her years as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

Let’s look at Russia for example – and this after her famous “Russian Reset”.  Beginning with 2011 Russian aggression on the international stage expanded dramatically with their involvement in the Syrian Civil War, through to today with major Russian military deployments and combat actions in that region to include air strikes against defenseless international aid convoys and non-combatant civilian targets.

Then in 2014 the Russians annexed Crimea and invaded the Ukraine; their forces remain in both areas today.  Russian combat aircraft now regularly challenge U.S. and NATO aircraft in the free skies over Europe.

Just this past week Russia has doubled down on her offensive posturing with two separate displays of unwarranted international aggression; the deployment of nuclear-capable missiles into their western Baltic state of Kaliningrad threatening all of Western Europe, and the deployment of advanced anti-aircraft missiles into Syria – the only possible target of those missiles would be U.S. Air Force aircraft.  These actions are clearly designed as a provocation and warning to the U.S. and NATO that Russia plans to return to its former status as a world super power.

You will, of course, recall President Obama’s comment to the Russian President that after his pending 2012 election he would “have more flexibility” to deal with Russia.  We see now where he was going with that.  By the way that was an “off the record, hot mic” capture as well.

We have all watched as China has dramatically expanded their military budget, manning, weapons developments and deployments to the point where they now challenge our allies all across the Pacific.  They are literally building entirely new islands from submerged coral atolls and stationing military aircraft and weapon systems there.  They are threatening the open and free navigation of civilian maritime shipping in the region necessary for free trade and open water fishing in the South China Sea… and – just like the Russians – the Chinese are also challenging U.S. Navy aircraft and ships in the region.

President Obama has cut a deal with Iran and tells us he’s put an end to their nuclear program although information and intelligence from many sources indicate that’s simply not the case.  In any event we have removed many of the critical sanctions that brought the Iranians to the negotiating table in the first place, unfrozen their assets and handed over hundreds of millions of dollars in hard cash to them in the dead of night, without the approval of Congress and without the knowledge of the American people.  That money will – according to the State Departments own admission – be spent to fund more international terrorism.

During the Obama administration North Korea has taken their nuclear program from a threat to a reality.  They recently detonated their 5th nuclear device and are preparing to detonate a 6th.  At the same time, they are hard at work on new long-range ballistic missiles – with assistance from Iran – capable of delivering a future nuclear weapon to the shores of America.

In 2014 President Obama pushed to normalize relations with Cuba which is still a sponsor of international terrorism and which systematically abuses the civil rights of its own citizens.

There are, of course, many other threats both domestic and external from the 400% increase in the use of heroin in America, to the threat posed by Mexican narco-terrorists, to our uncontrolled illegal immigration, to the rise of ISIS producing a flood of Syrian refugees into Europe and America, to the spread of lone wolf terrorists right here in American cities from coast to coast.

Then there is the failing American economy which is arguably one of our greatest threats.  While the Obama administration reports 5% unemployment the real truth is that there has been a mass exodus of Americans from our workforce in the face of the longest jobless recovery from recession in our nation’s history.  Obamacare has certainly added to this crisis and crippled small business which are the engine that drives our economy.

President Obama has literally doubled our national debt.  When he leaves office in January of 2017 he will have added an additional $10 trillion dollars to our national debt for a new total of $20 trillion dollars.  That number is simply unfathomable.  Remember that when he was running for President in 2007 he called our (then) $10 trillion-dollar national debt “unpatriotic.”

Again through most of this Secretary Clinton was a key figure in the Obama administration in her role as Secretary of State.  Much of where we are now is the result of where – one way or another – Secretary Clinton put us during her time as Secretary of State.

These are the real issues we face.  To choose our next President on the basis of some offensive and misogynist comments made in a private locker room 11 years ago instead of evaluating the actual threats America faces and then evaluating each candidates clear and open statements as to how they plan to counter these is simply ludicrous.

Secretary Clinton has made it quite clear that she will continue every one of President Obama’s failed policies and programs.  She will maintain and expand Obamacare.  She will continue to pander to our enemies.  She refuses to even consider any significant use of U.S. military power to defend this country.  She wants to dramatically increase the number of unvetted refugees from fleeing the Syrian Civil War – a conflict she had a hand in creating.

You will note that I really haven’t delved into any of the seething scandals that have surrounded Secretary Clinton and her husband for many decades.  I’ve not yet mentioned the 2012 Benghazi debacle, for example.  Literally just today we are hearing of new allegations that Secretary Clinton may have been involved in running guns to terrorist groups that now threaten U.S. interests in Libya, and that she tried to frame Mr. Marc Turi – a legally licensed federal firearms dealer – in order to cover up her part in these dealings.  You may be thinking to yourself, “well Donald Trump has his share of scandals as well”, but let me ask you this; how many of Mr. Trump’s scandals have resulted in the death of a U.S. Ambassador?

So in the end I take each candidates words and deeds at face value and I have come to the conclusion that while Mr. Trump is far from the polished candidate that Secretary Clinton obviously is, he is at least going to take America in a new direction, return strength to our foreign policy and our military, address the horrible mess that President Obama has made of our economy and our foreign trade negotiations, and make America great again.


But that’s NOT what you said.  Instead you chose to ignore all of the reasons that despite what you may personally think of Mr. Trump he’s a far better choice than Secretary Clinton, as I have outlined above.

And why was that Representative Ryan?

Could it be that you embody the fear that the Republican Party has of a man over whom they have absolutely no control whatsoever, no shady leverage, who is not beholden to you and your ilk for campaign funding, a man who will do as he damn well pleases if he gets to Washington?

Could it be that you would actually rather have Hillary Clinton as our next President despite the clear crimes she has committed with regard to national classified material, simply because at least she maintains the status quo in the cesspool of a national capital which Washington D.C. has become?  The status quo that keeps America ever swinging back and forth between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and makes people like you millionaires?

By the way, just how does a man like you – someone who has never invented anything, or started a business, someone who has spent his entire adult life in politics with salaries that average a modest $200,000 a year – how is it, sir, that you have come to a net worth of nearly $8 million dollars before your 47th birthday?

Well sir, I can assure you that the vote I cast on November 8th this year will be the very last time that I vote Republican… unless, of course, Mr. Trump wins and chooses to run for a second term.

You have used your position as a senior member of the Republican party to assist Hillary Clinton in her run for the White House, where she will further assault our religious freedoms, further weaken our national defense, pander to fundamentalist Jihadist terrorists and import tens of thousands more of them into America, turn her back on illegal immigration, further the practice of taxpayer-funded abortion, work to limit our Second Amendment rights and spend America into what will likely be a $30 trillion-dollar deficit by the end of just her first term as she continues the insane march of Socialism in our great country.

But I hope none of that will affect you, at least not politically.  It is my sincere hope that Conservative voters come to see you for what you are and because of your low-life, back-stabbing political tactics you are run out of office tarred and feathered on a rail.

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