Some Things Will Simply Not Change
Think it can't happen here?
Think it can’t happen here?

Regardless of who wins the November 2016 election some very important things that are happening in America will not change.  The path on which Americans themselves have set this nation is largely fixed.

American Christianity is under attack.  I mention this first because there IS a God, and America WAS founded by Christians who believed in God… and we are (or were) a great nation BECAUSE we embraced God.  Now however, Americans are literally ridiculing Christianity, demeaning the word of God and disparaging His people.  This onslaught of oppression has caused many Christians to question their beliefs for fear of being ostracized, persecuted and even fired from their jobs and having their businesses shut down.  Americans who profess to be Christians now pick and choose which portions of the Bible they profess to believe.  Support for abortion “in certain circumstances” is a prime example of this.  Satan himself could not have done a better job.  In fact Satan himself DID do this job.

The cancerous rise of fundamentalist Jihadist Islam is perhaps the greatest threat America faces and the American Left absolutely refuses to even acknowledge this at all, despite the evidence of terrible attacks throughout Europe and here in America as well.  The entire western world and all of Christendom is in danger of extinction at the hands of this false religion as surely now as it was 1,400 years ago when it was founded.  We fought the Crusades to stop the spread of this horrific religion then and we may have to do so again in the very near future.

We have already embraced more than 100,000 completely unvetted refugees fleeing insane genocidal Muslin-on-Muslim conflicts in the Middle East and brought them into our country where many now plot against us.  Clinton recently announced that she would bring in as many as 110,000 more in the first year of her presidency alone.

America is becoming a Socialist nation.  We have for decades immersed ourselves in Socialism initiated by Liberals but supported and furthered by Conservatives.  We have out of control spending especially on social welfare programs.  Our national debt is $20 trillion with no signs of improving, yet we continue to spend on unsustainable programs like ObamaCare that are certain to add tens trillions of additional dollars to our already astronomical debt.  It’s as if we know we cannot make our next credit card payment so we go out and charge to our limit before we’re cut off.

The individual States have lost their sovereignty as the tax rates climb higher and higher, and less and less money is available at the state level.  Today the States are little more than the tax collection arm of the federal government dependent on whatever their Congressmen can bring back from Washington through pork barreling.  There are exceptions of course; Texas for example.  But poor states that have lost critical employment infrastructure as jobs have gone overseas are completely at the mercy of the federal government.

The first step toward direct federal control of the American people is the proliferation of welfare in all forms – from food stamps to direct payments to subsidized housing and child care.  These have come (and will continue to come) as a means to compensate for an overall lack of income due to a crumbling economy.  In this way, more and more Americans are financially dependent on the government to one degree or another.  Thereafter these dependent Americans are certain to vote to continue their income – it’s human nature.  This has already occurred with a 42% increase in food stamps under Obama, and a weakening of programs and policies designed to move people off of welfare and into paying jobs.

The federalization of America’s health care industry is the next step, followed by bringing about a “single payer” system of insurance eventually for all Americans so that our very continued good health is in the hands of the federal government.  Again, this has already begun with ObamaCare, and has been shored up with Supreme Court decisions ruling that this was all done legally and constitutionally.

Next we will witness the “federalization” of local Police forces through the manipulative and invasive actions of the U.S. Department of Justice who already administer billions of dollars in grant money as well as specialized Police and military equipment.  Police departments – especially financially strapped departments in big cities – toe the line with the Justice Department or they are cut off.

The final step is gun control to ensure we have no means to resist the will of a strong central government.  Clinton will ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty as only a first step in that direction… more on that later.

Unchecked immigration. We have immigration problems and porous borders in the face of a global terrorism epidemic that neither political party seems to have any interest in addressing… and the Democratic Party is literally using this vulnerability to import new voters by pushing to allow illegal immigrants to remain in America, and by welcoming in hundreds of thousands of refugees from foreign conflicts.  No other country on the planet mishandles immigration like America.  During an interview, only a few days before I wrote this article President Obama actually urged illegal aliens already in America to vote saying, “When you vote, there’s not a situation where voting rolls are transferred over and people start investigating. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential.”

The collapse of Justice in America, with basic law and order close on its heels.  We have seen the Obama administration use the departments of the U.S. government against his own people!  He has “politically militarized” the FBI, the IRS and the EPA.  We have seen the Director of the FBI whitewash the investigation of Clinton’s clearly illegal e-mail server and her felonious mishandling of highly classified information.  All of this illegal and unconstitutional activity (and in fact much more) has been condoned and perhaps even directed by Loretta Lynch the U.S. Attorney General with orders possibly originating with the President himself.

This atrocious attitude toward justice emanating from the White House is only the start.  Obama has established a culture of corruption that has spread down throughout our entire federal government system.

But the general scofflaw attitude goes much further and is much more insidious as we have seen in the efforts of the Democratic Party to fracture the American people into special interest groups which they set at odds with one another.  The “Occupy Movement” of 2011 to 2013, and the “Black Lives Matter Movement” which began in 2013 and continues to this day are classic examples of this insane political manipulation.  These organizations are BOTH funded by Liberal benefactor George Soros (take some time to Google that bastard.)

Our Leftist media fuels the “Black Lives Matter” fire by supporting the ridiculous concept that the Police in America actually prowl the streets of our big cities hunting down and murdering young black men!

Add to that the systematic demonization of our already undermanned and underfunded Police, coupled with exploding populations in our large cities.  We have seen that drama play out in places like Ferguson, Missouri and the riots that took place there during the summer of 2014.  Another wonderful example would be the travesty of justice perpetrated on innocent Police Officers in Baltimore, Maryland by their own Police Commissioner and Mayor in 2015 following the death of one Freddie Gray while in Police custody.

We have already seen skyrocketing crime rates, and the proliferation of gangs, while Police response times have doubled or even tripled being as long as a full HOUR even for a life-threatening situation!  What did Liberals think would happen?

President Obama and his entire administration feel that they are above the law.  Hillary Clinton clearly feels that she also is above the law… and guess what – as long as they control the Justice Department and the FBI they ARE above the law!

Propaganda in our schools pollutes the minds of our children.  We have raised at least a couple of generations worth of children who were educated by the former “hippies” of the 60s and 70s from grade school through college.  Many of these young people have reached their late 20s and even early 30s without ever having held a job or lived on their own.  They have been taught to hate America and to believe that the greatest nation on earth is a cesspool of intolerance and bigotry where women and minorities are treated as little more than slaves.

The cancer of political correctness has metastasized.  Political correctness has its hold on our culture and we may never be able to back out of that quagmire.  Our First Amendment has literally been usurped – not by any act of the majority of the American people – but by the false sensibilities pressed upon us by a warped minority of our fringe Liberal culture.

We are losing our gun culture.  America was founded on such radical principles of freedom that the only way to make and keep ourselves free was to ensure that…

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

… yet the anti-gun Left in America has been chipping away at the clear and succinct 27 words of the 2nd Amendment for decades.  They are now poised to impose restrictions on the purchase, possession, carry, use and resale of firearms, as well as the production, distribution and sale of firearms and ammunition.  Clinton has promised to ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty which will impose severe restrictions on the international sale of firearms and ammunition.  She has also promised to hold U.S. firearms manufacturers legally and financially accountable for violence committed with the firearms they sell.  These two acts will rapidly make firearms far too expensive for Americans to even consider purchasing.

The Obama administration has already imposed through executive order or through new government regulations restrictions on the purchase of firearms for persons who have “designated payees” for their Social Security checks, Veterans suffering from PTSD, and most recently prohibitions on persons who have licenses to purchase and use medical marijuana.  This is a slippery slope that will lead to making it impossible for tens of millions of Americans to legally purchase a firearm.

Our Leftist media dramatizes every crime committed using firearms (except of course those committed by African American gangs in Democrat controlled cities like Chicago, New York and Detroit), and ignores the roughly 5,000 times a day that Americans actually defend themselves with guns.  This barrage of media misrepresentation and the continuous assault on our 2nd Amendment rights presented to young impressionable Americans in schools and colleges has produced generations of Americans who fear guns and believe that people who own and carry firearms are mentally unstable.  America is ripe with fear of guns and will eventually support a move to repeal the 2nd Amendment… which will pave the way for our disarmament leaving us at the mercy of whatever government is in power at the time.

We have “schooled” generation after generation of uneducated Americans.  Today Americans are so uneducated about their own Constitution, laws and political system that they no longer understand how elections work, what their rights are… or even what any given right actually means.  When the Democratic Party tells them that affordable health care is a “right”, but that the possession of firearms is not… Americans believe them!  This undereducation goes far beyond just neglecting Civics (ya, that’s what it used to be called back in the day – “the study of the rights and duties of citizenship”).  We now also neglect History which must be re-written to portray how racist America really is, and chronicle the long list of “wars of oppression” in which we engaged.  Care must be taken to highlight slavery (still in practice in Middle Eastern countries that have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Clinton’s personal fortune) and our oppression of Native Americans.  Of course, slavery and our oppression of Native Americans WERE wrong – dreadfully wrong!  So now let’s talk about how the Republican Party fought the civil war against the Democratic Party to END slavery.  Let’s talk about how the Democratic Party created the so-called “Jim Crow Laws” eventually struck down by the Republican Party.  Let’s talk about how the Democratic Party fought each and every Civil Rights Act that came along and how only through Republican Party action were any of these passed.  Let’s talk about how America defeated Hitler’s Nazi Germany and saved the world!

America – a “welfare state.”  America is already a “welfare state” with more than 45% of Americans receiving some form of assistance from the federal government that they did not pay into (not talking about Social Security here folks.)  Who pays for these programs?  The Democratic Party will tell you that the “rich” are paying for that stuff, but the truth is that everybody pays!  What will happen when levying high taxes on the “rich” is no longer enough to sustain our bloated Socialist welfare programs?  I’ll tell you.  Increasing taxes will have to be taken from Americans earning an ever-lower annual income.  Soon even a family earning $50,000 or $60,000 a year will put them into a 28% or 33% tax bracket, but even that will not feed the beast that is the sum of American social programs.  Eventually even the poor in America will have to be taxed.  At that time the poor will no longer be allowed to simply sit at home smoking crack and watching MTV.  They will be forced to work at SOME job so that they produce SOME income that can be taxed at SOME low rate.

Socialism in America.  There is no free lunch.  Eventually entrepreneurism, ingenuity, creativity and the small business those things fuel disappear.  All that will exist will be multi-national mega-corporations, and free enterprise in America will be at an end.

Chronic un- and under-employment and a jobless recovery has led to widespread dependency on welfare brought to the masses by the federal government since the real estate crash of 2008 – itself brought about by Liberal federal government intervention.

The stifling of innovation due to lack of any significant reward for hard work and achievement in an increasingly Socialist nation will bring about a decline in technological advances in America and reduce us to a third-world nation.

As social welfare begins to claim the majority of our gross national product the result will be an underfunded military that will eventually be incapable of defending America abroad, and which may even be repurposed to control Americans at home

It is highly unlikely that electing Trump will change any of this dark future for America.  Obviously, he is hated by Liberals.  He is not a political insider which is the source of his popularity, but is also the reason he is not supported by the Republican Party.  Lacking GOP support it is likely that his agenda will be opposed by them and he will not be able to quickly turn our economy around; lack of a rapidly improving economy will be one of the most important things Trump must accomplish to validate his Presidency.  The Senate may be lost to the Democrats in which case it will be impossible for him to pass dramatic changes into law regardless of whether he has support in the House.

Electing Trump would probably save the Conservative bench of the Supreme Court which would be a very, very good thing, for obvious reasons.  But that can only happen if Conservatives retain control of the Senate which must approve SCOTUS nominations.  Eventually, however, if America continues to become more Liberal, more ignorant of our own history, more dependent on the federal government and on Socialist welfare programs, even the Supreme Court will fall to Liberalism.

No, my friends electing Donald Trump as our next President on November 8th will not solve America’s problems – not by a long shot.  He cannot “make America great again” on his own.  However, he might provide America with a chance for us to catch our breath and look around with clearer eyes.  After eight years of devastating, headlong dive into the destructive cesspool of the Socialist welfare state we might even choose to re-evaluate our long-standing two-party political system, and maybe turn away from both of the old, corrupt, self-serving parties that have brought us to the brink of collapse.

One thing is quite certain; after eight years of Obama, Hillary Clinton would most certainly only work to finish the job he started, and (intentionally or unintentionally) bring about the spiritual, moral, domestic and – most critically – the economic collapse of our once great nation.  This is the clearly stated goal of the “Cloward–Piven Strategy” written in the 1960s by American political activists Richard Cloward and his wife Frances Piven – both of whom were idolized by the younger versions of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton during their college years.

The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” plainly and literally calls for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to bring about an economic and taxation crisis that would eventually lead to a replacement of our current monstrous and unsustainable welfare system with “a national system of guaranteed annual income” for all Americans, and thus bring about “an end to poverty.”  That my friends is nothing short of Communism, pure and simple.

Ya, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” kinda sheds a little light on why Obama took us from $10 trillion dollars of national debt to an unbelievable $20 trillion in just eight years, and makes it a little easier to understand why the America Left was willing to risk everything (politically) to force the completely unsustainable monster on the American people that is ObamaCare.

So, what’s the answer?  We have arrived at our present sorry state of affairs because of a turning away from God!  Our nation – founded on a strong belief in God – has allowed herself to be turned away from Him toward sin in every conceivable form from abortion to drug and alcohol addiction to sexual immorality.  We have a major political party that supports all of these sinful things, and half of America is already so completely immersed in the sinful lifestyle the Democrats support as to be without any hope besides one; revival.

I firmly believe that only a true revival in Jesus Christ will change America’s future.  What are you personally doing to support and spread the Word of God?  Do you tithe to financially support the work of His church?  Do you stand up to be counted among Christ’s flock at work, in public, at a restaurant, in your own home… with your own children?

In closing I will leave you with this hard fact; Texas has 38 electoral votes – second only to California with 55 – and has been steadily slipping Left for many years.  When Texas finally drops into the camp of the Democratic Party, it will be mathematically impossible for the Republican Party to every elect another President… ever.  In 2009 the Department of Homeland Security estimated that there were 1.68 million undocumented immigrants living in Texas.  Any wonder why the Democratic Party is so adamant about legalizing these people and ensuring their loyalty with citizenship?

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