Loons! They Walk Among Us! A rebuttal to Mr. Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points of the 22nd of August, 2016
Mr. Bill O'Reilly, a man for whom I hold the deepest respect
Mr. Bill O’Reilly, a man for whom I hold the deepest respect

September 15th, 2016

Dear Mr. O’Reilly:

On the 22nd of August in your opening remarks you attempted to paint the picture that America’s far Left loons (for this article I’ll accept the term, one of your favorite epithets) were very similar to America’s far Right loons.  No doubt you drew this analogy in an attempt to be “fair and balanced” in accordance with the Fox News slogan.  I applaud you for that, but I wish to offer a corollary argument (I hope I used that word properly or you surely will not hesitate to correct me.)  Here then is an expansion of your statement which I offer without any attempt at being “fair and balanced” because when it comes to an assessment of Left and Right loons I don’t believe that there is any room for fairness or balance.

First allow me to offer what I suspect may be a new political term; the “near Left” by which I refer to those on the Left that exist in the political spectrum starting at the center and moving Left to… well, wherever it is that the “far Left” begins.

For the most part I believe that the “near Left” tolerate with tacit approval – a wink, and a nod, so to speak – the wild and radical statements made by (and actions of) their far Left brethren.  I do not believe that this same acceptance exists among America’s “near Right” (and I count myself in that group) with respect to our own “far Right.”  On the near Right I believe we tend to more readily and quickly recognize the hatred, bigotry and violence inherent in the lunacy of either extreme, and openly oppose it.  Unreasoning hatred is simply not Christian, and – like it or not – it is Christian values that set the Left apart from the Right here in America.

Second, I believe that while there most certainly ARE significant numbers of loons at both political extremes, the impact on life here in America made by her far Left loons is dramatically greater than the impact made by her far Right loons.

The radical nature of those on the far Left can be seen across America every day as evidenced by gay pride parades, Black Lives Matter protests, flag burnings, assaults on our freedom to vote seen at every Donald Trump rally – the list goes on and on.  They embrace homosexuality, drug use, adultery, and nearly every conceivable sinful deviancy.  They demean our Constitution, ignore our laws and in general live immoral, foul and wicked lives.

These are not the tactics of far Right loons who tend to live their lives in relative peace and quiet spread out across the small towns of America’s “fly over states” where they live almost unnoticed among Conservatives of the near Right.  Together we “cling to our guns and Bibles”, work hard, go to church, pray, pay our taxes, serve in the military and in our local Police and Fire departments, fly the American flag on holidays, marry into traditional marriages, raise our children according their biological gender… you know NORMAL LIFE!

Now if you come to one of those small Conservative towns and impose a Liberal agenda on far Right loons – if you try to tell them that they have to let perverts into the same bathroom as their little eight-year-old daughter, or that their son will be bused 20 miles into a nearby town to attend a predominately black school for the sake of a racially homogeneous education system, or that their AR-15s and high capacity magazines are suddenly illegal the far Right loons become – well… looney!

In comparison America’s far Left loons live anything but quiet, peaceful lives.  Instead they fill the ranks of such wildly vocal and radical organizations as “Occupy America”, “Code Pink”, “Communist Party USA”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Socialist Labor Party”, and many, many more… I could go on all day.  These groups shut down ports, highways, parks, colleges and public facilities.  They defecate in the streets, openly use illegal drugs, gang up on and beat all who oppose them, assault the Police and even rape women unfortunate enough to cross their path.

The far Left organizations active in America use everything from lobbying, and activist Judges, to subtle coercion, to slander, to character assassination, to open threats, to direct physical attacks to accomplish their goals.

Yes, the far Right occasionally uses some of these same tactics.  But the difference is that the far Left loons will not stop until they force their beliefs and lifestyle on everyone else in America – preferably with a spate of new laws on the books by which their Liberal beliefs and warped, non-Christian lifestyle may be forced upon all Americans.

For the most part the far Right loons are satisfied to simply be left the hell alone to believe and live as they see fit… and isn’t that the very definition of freedom?

Lastly there is the main stream media (MSM) – that 95% Liberal refuge of 60s era hippies who embrace the far Left lunacy here in America in what can only be referred to as a “slobbering love affair” (another Fox News term, which I suppose I’d not attribute to yourself, but rather probably to Sean Hannity.)

The MSM applauds the actions and tactics of their beloved far Left loon community, no matter how violent, no matter how absurd, no matter how vile or contemptible those actions and tactics may be.  Even to the point of physical assault on – and the murder of – Police for example the MSM rides in with a list of Saul Alinsky inspired rhetoric, pandering, calculated phrasing and excuses to justify the wrongs being perpetrated by their chosen loon faction.  They proclaim these deviants and criminals “freedom fighters”, “fresh new voices for change in America”, who are standing up to the evils of Corporate America and big business.

Likewise, the slightest abhorrent activity by far Right loons is trotted out for all to see by the same MSM who are all too happy to pass judgement and point out how bigoted and evil that activity is… and invariably they manage to turn their expose of evil into a bid for more gun control.

Now I will be the first to admit that I have no polls, studies or research to verify these three points.  Indeed, I have only my own personal experience from several decades of intently watching American politics and judging for myself.  I offer nothing more than that.  But then I don’t have the sort of resources you have at your disposal.  Perhaps if you do actually read this rebuttal you may decide to focus your staff on proving me wrong.  I would be overjoyed at that and would speak of it for the rest of my life.


Unfortunately Mr. O’Reilly never replied to my letter… and now I am sad.


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