The Man Who Would Be King
The Man Who Would Be King... if it weren't for that pesky Constitution!
The Man Who Would Be King… if it weren’t for that pesky Constitution!

I went to bed the 12th of January, Tuesday evening, not wanting to watch President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  Over the past seven years I’ve really tried not to hate the man, but at this point as he watches the world burn and concentrates instead on demonizing me for my personal and religious beliefs and works with the fervor of a driven man to strip me of Constitutional rights I find that I do hate the man.  I had no intention of listening to his last, pathetic State of the Union speech.  But as the evening progressed I couldn’t sleep and finally got up at 3:00 am to spend my time more productively and caught the tail end of that moron’s speech in a replay on Fox News.

Most of what Obama said in his (thankfully) last SOTU speech sounded so sensible as long as those words are spoken in a peaceful, secure world where all of the nations respect one another and there are no terrorists and there is no evil and there is no corruption in government.  That’s the fantasy world that President Obama and the other Socialists world leaders who make up about half of the United Nations want to believe in.  The problem is that the other half of the United Nations is comprised of dictator wolves dressed up as peaceful leaders.  They all sit around in New York drinking expensive wine and eating caviar – wolves with the sheep… and the sheep are such pacifists that they dare not call the wolves among them out for who they are lest they be turned on themselves and devoured.  Better to look the other way and pretend not to see through the ‘sheep’s clothing’… pretend that there is no real evil.

Obama recently said in his speech following the massacre in San Bernardino, “how could anyone be opposed to wanting to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists?” speaking of wanting to prevent those on his “no fly” list from being able to purchase firearms.  Sounds quite sensible so long as you deny yourself the recognition of the deep corruption in our own government – a government that frequently turns on its own citizens even with the protections our Constitution, and especially after two terms of the most Socialist President in our history.

But like the dichotomy that exists in the United Nations and indeed among all the peoples of the world – some good and some truly evil – there is also a dichotomy among Liberals.  Many are simply foolish, uninformed and living in a fantasy world wishing for a utopia, but a few are committed Socialist wolves who would gladly strip us of our freedoms and force us into an oppressive totalitarian regime.  Our President is one of those wolves.

President Obama is an angry racist and an arrogant man who began insulting all who opposed him as soon as he had settled into the White House.  He set about following the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” playbook by dividing his opposition – honestly nearly the entirety of the American people – by dividing us along every possible seam… political, racial, religious, economic, even by where we live with statements like “clinging to our guns and bibles” and the use of the term “fly-over states.”

The real difference, however, is God.  President Obama is not a Godly man.  If you don’t believe in God it’s easy to tell yourself that abortion is just fine.  If you don’t believe in the true and complete good of God then it’s difficult to believe in the true and complete evil of any man or an entity such as ISIS who nail Christians alive into coffins and sets fire to them.  If you do not believe in God it’s a short step to embracing gay marriage.  If you don’t believe in God then how can any right be “endowed by the Creator” let alone “unalienable?”

If you don’t believe in God it’s easy to see yourself as King.

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