The Mad Scot on Hillary, Immigration and Such

Here’s a bit from me First Mate… The Mad Scot!

The Mad Scot
The Mad Scot

Electoral College Map

Republican = 206, Democrat = 247, Neutral = 85

The “Demmies” just love themselves some illegal immigrants!  Each blue state you see there has been blue in every Presidential election since 1992.

A couple o’ hundred thousand new voters in Florida, much less a couple million in Florida and Texas, and no conservative will ever be elected to national office again.

It’s a California style single party state, circling the drain while the sober minded and industrious flee. Except soon there will be no place to flee to.

Shucks, we will be Argentina in 20 years… California already is, outside of L.A. and San Fran. And soon we will have our own Juan and Eva Peron… Hillary and Bill… Hillbilly… amoral, grasping and corrupt to their marrow.

It will soon be all over folks, hope you enjoy being ruled by the West Coast, a few rust belt hell holes, and New England… after all, look how well they have been managing their own affairs (Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, Camden, Chicago, Detroit, Long beach, Oakland, etc.) right?

Why do you think Hillary is grinning and cackling like the amoral harridan [ed. means “a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman”… I had to look that one up!] she is despite all her unethical behavior and personal dis-likability? The pant-suited one knows Democrat sheep will vote for her in mass for the handouts and amnesty she is promising (pandemonium!) which in turn will lead to even more of such folks being allowed into the country to become future voters.

The United States is on its knees as it is. We lose this one to the Clinton crime syndicate and the country has pretty much had it. Put another way, imagine two more hyper-liberal Supreme Court judges, backed by a hundred more hyper-liberal Federal appellate court judges, the now weaponized Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security and Environmental Protection Agency… and then re-examine all your assumptions about what your “rights” are as an American citizen.

The litmus test will be if Hillary Clinton can be elected with everything that is known about her. If the majority would elect such a demonstrably dishonest, self-serving and corrupt individual then we are truly in a death spiral. This could be out last chance to pull out of the dive.

This is what happens when Fabian Socialist and Foucault inspired Marxist are allowed to march through your country’s institutions for fifty years, virtually unopposed, seizing the media, the education bureaucracy, and the entertainment industry.

This great and noble experiment in a republican form of government is about to be snuffed out, suffocated by the semi-literate democratic mob our founders warned us about.

To most Democrats, this is a feature, not a bug.

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