America’s Withdrawal
The paradise President Obama promised us is just over the horizon!
The paradise President Obama promised us is just over the horizon! Pay no attention to the troubles of the world… you’re safe here in America!

Contrary to popular belief I regularly watch CNN and MSNBC so that I am aware of the version of the state of the world they are spoon-feeding to the American people.  I can tell you that America is being lulled into a false sense of security by the Liberal-controlled mainstream media.  As America continues its withdraw from the world stage the mainstream media focuses on meaningless drivel to placate the population.

As disaster grips Iraq and ISIS spreads across the Middle East and into Africa, and metastases into a half-dozen other terrorist groups, America spends a half-billion dollars to train just 10 fighters – who are quickly killed by Russian air strikes.

As our withdrawal from Afghanistan draws near a reinvigorated Taliban creeps back into areas formerly under American control with increased violence – even as America watches the premature withdrawal from Iraq fail miserably.

As Putin’s Navy, Marines and Special Forces export military intervention from their bases in recently annexed Crimea, America makes meaningless diplomatic chastisements from the podium at the U.N. General Assembly Hall.

As the Ukraine Civil War continues to burn and Russia stokes the fires there, America listens to the guilty verdict of the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 by Russian troops without comment.

As first Syria and now ISIS ignore America’s “red line” prohibitions against the use of chemical weapons, America does nothing… except to reassure despots around world that we will take no action when they do the same.

As the rebellion against Assad in Syria, which was once a serious threat to that dictator, is nearly extinguished by Russian forces recently engaging in that conflict, America anguishes over how to “deconflict” military operations with them so that we don’t get on Russia’s bad side.

As China modernizes its military and spreads out across the South Pacific threatening our allies over basing rights on ‘micro islands’ and control of critical shipping lanes, America invites their President to the White House to “reassure” them that we’re not going to make trouble – never mind all that “Cyberwar” brouhaha.

As the already fragile European Union begins to fracture further, draw into itself and close its borders in the face of the flood of Muslim immigrants, America watches and decides to welcome 200,000 Muslim immigrants here to our own shores.

America strikes a deal with Iran even as they test new, longer range ballistic missiles, shout “Death to America”, imprison innocent America reporters for trumped-up charges, and kidnap our Sailors off the high seas.

America welcomes Cuba back into the world stage, lifts sanctions and reopens our Embassy in Havana, even as Cuba sends ground forces to join Russia’s effort to crush the rebellion against Assad.

America’s nuclear aircraft carriers are restricted to home port due to lack of sufficient funding, cutting-edge high-tech weapon system developments are being cancelled, experienced mid-grade officers are being given “pink slips” while they’re still fighting on the battlefields of Afghanistan and annual cost of living adjustments for our Soldiers are reduced or deigned due to spending cuts unequally imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (“sequestration”) so that the Socialist Left in Washington can expand Social Welfare programs… raising our national debt to an unheard of $19 trillion dollars!

America further intentionally weakens its military beyond simply cutting funding, and ups the ante through social experimentation such as clearing the way for homosexuals to be openly incorporated and forcing the admission of women into physically demanding combat positions historically limited to men.

America embraces homosexuality, abortion and drug use as examples of “freedom to choose” and wonders why Islam looks on us as the Great Satan.

America coddles and protects Islam bestowing the epithet “religion of peace”, while Christians are massacred around world, and Christianity is characterized here in America by our Liberal media and in our schools as backward, oppressive, foolish and brutal.

This is the reality of the world – the world we all live in, the world that is just outside the door, right around the corner… coming to America.  In fact the terror of the fundamentalist Muslim Jihad has already come to America, although the media does all it can to label it something else – “workplace violence” for example.

The President’s Press Secretary – Mr. Josh Earnest – happily stands at the podium in the White House Press Room and tells the world that we are all so much safer under his boss’s administration – with a straight face!  He is supported by the voice of the majority of the American mainstream media who mis-report, under-report, or simply do not report these events.

Americans have their own part in their own misconception of the reality of the world.  Americans don’t care about foreign affairs and American foreign policy.  They are fixated on the latest Xbox release, the latest iPhone and the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

But the real tragedy is that in November of 2016 millions of Americans will go to their neighborhood polling place believing their world is a safe place and that any dangers that may exist are far from America’s shores – due in large part to the efforts of Liberals, Socialists, Democrats and Communists to withdraw our once great nation from foreign matters, dismantle a military that in their minds has grown too powerful and has been used to oppress and murder millions.

Liberals believe that American exceptionalism is a myth fabricated by greedy American billionaires to justify their warmongering and exploitation of the rest of the world through more than a hundred years of rampant American capitalism and consumerism which has brought ruin to the rest of the world.

Liberals believe that America is the problem, and we are now simply getting what we deserve – what we have brought upon ourselves.

There are a number of core beliefs which the Liberal mind embraces and on which it bases its world view.  Chief among these is that “nothing is worth war.”

Other core Liberal beliefs include – but are not limited to…

  • One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot
  • What one man calls “evil” is really just another’s self-interest
  • There is no God, and there are no monsters
  • We are not the world’s Police… someone else will step up

… and my personal favorite

  • The time in the history of Man when national boundaries were determined by force of arms has passed – Mankind has finally outgrown war

Just a few days ago the Obama administration directed the Pentagon to add climate change considerations to all military planning and operations.  Not anti-terrorism or education on the religious and cultural considerations of Muslim terrorism… climate change.

In the end many Socialist Liberals believe that “Sometimes a dictator is better than chaos”… that a strong, centrally controlled Federal government with high taxes and extensive Social programs really is the way to go.

We will either turn away from this path in November of 2016 or I fear we never will… we will be too far gone.

My question is this… what are you going to do about that?

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