The Deal

I am watching the news this morning here from Kabul and seeing the “deal” that the Republicans have cut with the Democrats – more like surrender in my opinion – and I see that still there is no end in sight to our government’s glut of overspending.  This “deal” brings us no closer to any sort of fiscal stability.

We are still heading for the cliff at 90 miles an hour with our foot jammed right to the floorboard.

House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH)
House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) – oh my God, is he going to cry?

The American people will now say, “Well that’s more like it.  I’m tired of hearing all of this negativity from Washington.  I want football.  Don’t bum me out over the holidays!”

We will soon cross over the 17 TRILLION DOLLAR mark on our national debt.  Both parties brought us to this point, but Obama took us from 9 trillion to 17 trillion dollars in 4 years!  General predictions are that our debt will cross 20 billion dollars by the end of Obama’s second term as President.  How’s that for “Hope and Change!”

Remember how Obama called then President Bush “unpatriotic” and referred to “the credit card from the Bank of China”?  Back when he was Senator Obama and the national debt was 9 trillion dollars raising the debt limit seemed “unpatriotic” to him.

Only the “Taxed Enough Already!” (TEA) Party members of the House of Representatives had the balls to stand against this madness… and they are consistently demonized by the Democrats, the media and even many Republicans as “terrorists with suicide vests.”

So now we’ve “cut a deal.”

We still have no budget – seriously WE HAVE NO BUDGET!  We have not had a budget for more than FOUR YEARS!  The United States of America has had no approved budget for FOUR YEARS!  Instead we have lived on a long series of “deals” and Continuing Resolutions Acts.

We still have done NOTHING to even slow the growth of our out-of-control spending.  NOTHING HAS BEEN CUT!  All that the career politicians in Washington have done is get us through the holidays.

Now we have ObamaCare.  Despite the Republican Party’s best efforts… we still have ObamaCare in all of its glory.

By the way, how many of you have signed up for ObamaCare?  Seriously is there a single one of you out there that has signed up?  Even one?  You were required to do that in accordance with Obama’s new law on the 1st of October which was 16 days ago or have other insurance that meets the federal requirement, ya know.  Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller?

Well if you didn’t sign up for ObamaCare and don’t have insurance the federal government – and the IRS – feels is “adequate” they’ll take your tax return next April.  And if your tax return doesn’t cover your fine the IRS will attach your wages and tap your bank account directly until your fines are paid.

But maybe I’m wrong about all of this.  Maybe this is the best course for the country.  Or maybe this is the realization of the “fundamental reshaping of America” that Obama promised us back in 2008.  That line got him elected and re-elected, so maybe this is exactly what America wants.  I hope so, because this is exactly what America is getting.

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