GoogleSearch Google for TEA Party and the TEA Party’s official website – – shows up as the 5th link offered.

Search Google for Republican Party and their site – – is the 4th link down the page.

Search Google for Democratic Party and there it is right at the top of the page…  Note that whereas Google places at least one link to “News for…” above the TEA Party link and the link to the GOP, that same obligatory link appears below the Democratic Party link.

Now this is interesting.  Search Google for Libertarian Party and it’s also the first link on their page – but so are the top THREE links!

You should know that Google – the company that yielded to China’s request to alter their search engine to accommodate the Communist Party there – absolutely tailors their search results in accordance with their political views.

If you want the shit scared out of you take a few minutes and read this article…

Excerpt; “They [speaking of the fictitious Internet search engine company discussed in the article] have a tool far more powerful than an endorsement or a donation to affect the outcome,” Epstein said. “You have a tool for shaping government. . . . It’s a huge effect that’s basically undetectable.”

How many of you use Google?  How many of you actually search past the first full page of results?  How many of you compare Google results even to Microsoft’s Bing search engine?

The Internet is a wonderful creation, but it’s no substitute for critical thinking.  See how I worked that link to Wikipedia in there?

Bing is an adequate alternative.  Also check out Dogpile (

The point is don’t believe everything you see on the damn Internet!  And stop believing every whacked out e-mail you receive… DO SOME DAMN RESEARCH!

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