President Obama... Without a Clue
President Obama… a man with neither clue nor feck

A million individual insurance plans have already been cancelled by major insurance companies across America because of ObamaCare.  Millions more are pending cancellation.  Overall there may be as many as 10+ million individual insurance plans cancelled.

Documents recently released by the Department of Health and Human Services under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Obama administration knew even before the law was passed that this would happen.

Americans are being forced to sign up for ObamaCare despite Obama’s repeated, specific promises that we could all keep our insurance and our own doctor… and the website still doesn’t work.

President Obama lied about this.  He lied about Benghazi.  He lied about the IRS.  He lied about the NSA.  If he were a Republican President there would be a huge outcry for his impeachment.  Instead America re-elected this bozo.

Way to go America.

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