Principled Non-Voters & Low Information Voters

Watching Megan Kelly’s show this morning here in Kabul.  This morning she’s running a ‘panel show’ which is a first for her as far as I am aware.  It’s working for Hannity so I guess it’s worth a try.  Just for the record I enjoy Kelly’s show almost as much as O’Reilly.  They’re both on satellite here in Kabul in the morning.  I wake up to both.  Really starts my day off right.

Obama Phone Lady
Obama Phone Lady

This morning a member of Kelly’s panel identified herself as a “principled non-voter.”  I’d never heard of such a thing so I checked the Internet and found two interesting articles…

The first was on “Bryan and Lianne’s Blog”; “I used to vote.  I used to give money to politicians, plant signs in my yard, and hand out flyers at the polling places.  A few years ago my intellectual journey took me to the point where I could no longer participate in electoral politics in good conscience.  The most common argument I’ve seen against voting is the one laid out by Dubner and Levitt in Freakonomics.  They made the rational, utilitarian argument against voting.  Essentially, your single vote will not impact the election, so why waste the time and effort?  That isn’t a good enough reason for me.  Some things are worth doing despite the inconvenience.  Voting is not one of them.  Here is why…” and Bryan (or maybe Lianne) goes on to tell us how they distrust government and how it’s all a racket and how they refuse to participate.

The second was written by Hali Flintrop and was posted to The Current (UMSLs online student newspaper) in an article titled “Nobody’s Too Principled to Vote”; “Everyone who feels this way about voting and conducts themselves accordingly still has to live in America after the election, do they not? If so, then, hate to break it to them, but they still wind up taking a lot of responsibility for the results of the election. Everyone takes responsibility for election results in one way or another. For example, one might be sent to war because our country was silly enough to elect a war-monger, we might lose healthcare because we elected a candidate who does not believe in basic human rights, or might lose brains because elected zombie.”  I think she left out a couple of words in that last sentence, but you get the idea.  We bloggers do our best to get our opinions out quickly and sometimes leave out few word.

The author at The Current is pretty clearly a Democrat (if you read the rest of her article), but that’s fine.  She has a right to her opinion same as me… and on this topic she’s right on target!

Between “principled non-voters” and “low information voters” we are currently suffering through four additional years of President Obama.  If the 2012 election were held today all the polls tell us that Obama would lose to Romney.

Here’s the deal America; we have a two-party system, at least at the moment.  Deal with it.  If you don’t vote DNC or GOP then you’re throwing away your vote.  If you vote Libertarian or some other independent party you might as well vote DNC because that is the party that will benefit from your decision to vote for a candidate that has no hope of winning.

Bottom line; “principled non-voters” and “low information voters” are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.


To be fair to the woman pictured above please take the time to view this YouTube video posted by Alex Jones of InfoWars; Obama Phone Lady Wakes Up (Video)

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