Phony Scandals? Obama and the Media Agree on That!
President Obama at a Rare Press Conference
President Obama at a Rare Press Conference

When it comes to overspending, exploiting American rights for American security, pork-barreling, and playing politics with the critical issues that face our country, are Republicans just as bad as Democrats sometimes?  Yes, they are.  They’re all career politicians.

Is Obama far and away the worst President that America could have elected – and then RE-ELECTED – at this critical time in America’s history?  Perhaps not the worst, but certainly among the worst. Under his watch our debt has ballooned, our economy has floundered, taxes have increased, racial tensions have increased dramatically and America is weaker in the world.

Would Romney be doing any better?  I do believe that he would be doing a better job of handling our economy and our national defense, although he was not the candidate I thought the Republican Party should have nominated.

So if Republicans and Democrats are so similar under the skin why do I choose the Republican Party over the Democratic Party?

The most important factor is that America runs on a two-party system.  Whether you like that or agree that things should be so doesn’t change the fact.  You either vote for one of the established parties or you might as well not vote at all.

But really what’s the difference?

By and large most Republicans understand that small business is the driving engine in America.  They understand that ever higher taxes and ever larger social programs are not the answer.  They tend to adhere to traditional American values of honesty, hard work, marriage, family, charity and taking responsibility for their actions.

For these values – for daring to believe in God, for having the audacity to think that we might each make our own way in this life – Republicans are hated and despised by the Far Left, which includes nearly all media, and main stream Democrats simply see them as quaintly wrong.

After having lost the Presidency the Republicans tried to win by running a more liberal Republican.  They counted on the bad economy to showcase Romney’s extensive business experience, but they discounted the role the media would play.  Throughout the campaign the media worked hard to conceal any blemish that might color Obama’s first four years and his lack of economic success, while at the same time frame Romney as a disassociated, uncaring millionaire.

I don’t fault the Obama campaign for doing everything they could to secure victory for their candidate.  I blame the media directly for unabashedly and shamelessly throwing in behind Obama in an obviously partisan push for four more years.  This fact should be so self-evident that I will not bother elaborating on it here.  If you haven’t seen sufficient proof of this then I submit that you are simply ignoring it.  Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research.  I recommend that you start with an exploration of the Media Research Center, but any serious study of this particular allegation and topic should clear up any questions you may have.

When a Republican suffers a sex scandal he’s out – period.  Gone.  When a Democrat suffers a sex scandal he apologizes, maybe does some sensitivity training, and “moves on.”  Don’t you see something deeply wrong with the attitude that we just shouldn’t give a shit what our politicians do in their private lives when it comes to things like sexting, sexual assault, drugs and prostitution?

In any previous administration when a scandal like the current IRS debacle or the disaster in Benghazi flares up there are immediate consequences for whoever is in the White House at the moment as the media digs and digs and turns out the facts for Americans to see.  But when Obama is faced with a parade of scandals of this magnitude the media ignores them, and focuses on asinine shit like the Zimmerman trial and the Royal birth.

Obama Where He's Comfortable - Liberal Talk Shows
Obama Where He’s Comfortable – Liberal Talk Shows

The Republicans aren’t trying to distract America – they’re trying to wake Americans up!  The media is trying to distract America… and the Obama administration is simply waiting out the clock… waiting for Americans to forget.

Do you see anyone in the White House Press Corps hammering Carney on just exactly how any of these scandals are “phony?”   Not even Fox News.

“Phony scandals?”  Hardly.  These are the real events, the real crises, the real challenges that face our country.  Real Americans have died in Benghazi and as a result of the Fast and Furious program.

Further Obama and the media ignore scandals like the IRS trampling our Constitutional rights because the IRS is doing exactly what the Far Left wants them to do – they are putting pressure on the Far Right.  In fact strong evidence exists that many Democratic Congressmen actually encouraged the IRS to behave in this manner.

Remember this:

 “I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Ya know if you believe Obama’s latest mantra that Republicans are simply trying to “distract America with an endless parade of distractions, political posturing, and phony scandals” then there’s really probably no hope for you.  You’ve consumed the Obama Kool-Aid.  You’re asleep to the realities of the world… and you probably get a thrill up your leg every time you see him on TV.

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