The Red Pill – Apathy in America
Neo Takes Morpheus' Red Pill
Neo Takes Morpheus’ Red Pill

A relative of mine asked me this morning about the investiture many (most?) of our politicians have in a stock market about which they often have what in the private sector would only be called ‘insider information.’  My response was term limits.  That lead of course to an exchange about how best to accomplish that, and my observation that such a change would require that those same corrupt politicians (most? all?) would have to raise up as one and vote something like that into law… vote against their own careers.

Our politicians think we are sheep, and largely they are right.  They know what any of us deny.  They know that Americans are not paying the slightest bit of attention to what is happening in America today.  They really must be laughing into their sleeves at us.

When Americans do happen to hear about some a scandal in the government – which for most Americans only comes when Jay Leno decides to make a couple of jokes about it during his opening monologue – the Far Left media is there to report that it’s just a Right Wing conspiracy or a “phony scandal.”

(And yes, the Right Wing politicians are as corrupt as the Left Wing politicians, but at least the Right Wing politicians are standing up for our rights… well except for those pesky 4th Amendment rights like the prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure and the requirement for a warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause… not those rights)

As far as term limits are concerned I honestly think that the answer is a grass-roots movement in America that will finally wake Americans up to what is going on.  Unfortunately we have seen how the TEA Party movement has been slandered.  And who would have thought that a movement of people that were simply bitching about being taxed too much could have been so successfully smeared by the Far Left?!?

I mean if we as Americans cannot get behind something like the fact that our taxes are too high, if the media is able to somehow paint these people as a bunch of angry white racists – never mind that the percentage of black and Hispanic Americans in the TEA Party movement is about the same as that in open society, depending of course on the geographic location of the TEA Party event – then what chance does a movement for term limits have?

This is the very same Far Left media and Far Left members of the Democratic party that paint the Occupy Movement as somehow akin to the anti-war movement of the 60s as they shut down entire sections of towns, cities and ports for weeks, rape women, assault opposition demonstrators, openly sell drugs, shoplift, vandalize, and urinate and defecate in public all as “statements” of the freedom and anarchy they seek.

And consider this; if a founding principle of a movement is term limits and that movement manages to elect politicians to office – as they must in order to bring about legislated change – wouldn’t those very same politicians be obligated to relinquish office so frequently that they would gain no power?  They would always have less seniority, power and stature than the very politicians they seek to dislodge!

The two greatest threats to America are – in my humble opinion – the fact that nearly all media are Far Left and are absolutely enamored with Obama and the Far Left agenda, and the fact that Americans simply do not care… we are nearly all completely apathetic and uncaring about what is really happening.  And those few who do care are so overwhelmed about what they see that it’s a tremendous temptation to simply look back down again into our own lives and feign no knowledge of events in the greater world.

… I took the red pill a long time ago

It strikes me as analogous to the basic theme of the Matrix (movie).  Take the blue pill and remain in our calm, controllable, ordinary lives, or take the red pill and see the world as it really is.

Take the red pill America.  The real world – the real America – is not what you think it is.

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