Nation Throws Tantrum, Learns Syria a Complex, Nuanced Issue

Recently a friend of mine pointed out that his website – where there are actual words that someone would have to read in order to understand the content there – was an abysmal failure, while his YouTube channel of short videos was ‘great success!’

This got me thinking that maybe the majority of you (all of you?) that I send this written crap to might not be reading it at all.  After all how would I know.  I mean my buddy at least has his website statistics to let him know that no one wants to read all his words… words – what a pain in the ass!

Onion_NewsHe also sent me a link to a choice bit of Onion News Network reporting about Miley Cyrus and that got me to thinking; what if I just stopped sending those pesky words to all of you and simply directed you to the weekly video news summary presented by ONN!  Wow!  What a time saver… for BOTH of us!  So here’s a link to the ONN’s “Week in Review” for September 2nd.  Best of all if you just let it go the videos will just go on and on with no actual intervention by you – just like the real situations in our real country go on and on without any actual intervention by you.

Of course you’ll need a computer with Internet access.  Oh, wait.  I guess you already have that or you wouldn’t be seeing this. – it’s not news but it is funny, and after all isn’t that what you really want.

You may now go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before you found this article… if you are alone that was probably making strange noises and arranging the items on your desk in geometric patterns.

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