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President Obama and President Putin

An Examination of U.S.-Russian Relations Over Two Administrations

FACT: Let’s start by listing the number of times that President Obama met with the Russian President – either Dmitry Medvedev or Vladimir Putin… June 6th to 8th, 2009 he met in Moscow with President Dmitry Medvedev and (then) Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. December 17th to 19th, 2009 he met in Copenhagen with Russian President

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Cllinton and Putin

What Matters to 46.4% of Americans

Last night President Trump visited Bashar al-Assad with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles built right here in the good ‘ol U S of A, and a lot more Americans than Liberals really want to believe wholeheartedly approve of that move.  The Russians and the bleeding heart, nothing-is-worth-war crowd on the American Left… well, not so much.

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Resolute Desk

Obama’s Real Legacy Is Trump’s Inheritance

Do you recall the scene in J.R.R. Tolkien movie “The Two Towers” when our intrepid band of adventurers explains to King Theoden that open war is upon him… whether he would have it or not? The breathless fears being expressed by the American Left that President Elect Donald Trump will take office and somehow plunge

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Obama fantasizing about normal, peaceful relations with Russia and Putin

The Last Apology Tour

I am shocked by the fact that the Liberal leaders of Europe have the gall to ask President Obama how America could possibly elect a man like Donald Trump to the office of President… and I am sickened by the fact my President has the gall to try to offer an explanation. But then, it’s

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Hillary Clinton delivers her concession speech

Thanks Be To God

Personally – for what it’s worth – I am excited to see what the next four years will bring.  I am quite relieved to see Barack Obama leaving.  I am thankful to God that Hillary Clinton and her husband are forever gone from the landscape of American politics.  I would like to see the Clintons

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Think it can't happen here?

Some Things Will Simply Not Change

Regardless of who wins the November 2016 election some very important things that are happening in America will not change.  The path on which Americans themselves have set this nation is largely fixed. American Christianity is under attack.  I mention this first because there IS a God, and America WAS founded by Christians who believed

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The Scalia Controversy – To Bork or Not to Bork, That Is the Question

This morning in February of 2016 I find myself struggling a bit with the question of whether the Republican-controlled Senate should unilaterally prevent President Obama from installing a replacement Supreme Court Justice to replace recently deceased Justice Antonin Scalia simply by refusing to initiate the accepted practice of confirmation hearings and “up-or-down” votes as Senate

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Divide and Rule

Most of us have heard the term “divide and conquer” although we may not necessarily know exactly what it means. In military tactics “divide and conquer” can apply to defeating a large opposing force by breaking it into smaller, more easily defeated units. In everyday life “divide and conquer” can apply to solving a large,

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Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel!

There seems to be some confusion at the moment (Tuesday, April 7th 2015) about where we currently stand on our negotiations with Iran on its nuclear weapons program (and that’s exactly what it is folks.) Have we signed a treaty with Iran? If not when do we expect to do that? If we do sign a

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Should President Obama Be Impeached?

Yesterday I saw a tweet in my Twitter timeline posted by one of my followers that had to do with whether or not President Obama should be impeached. I re-tweeted the tweet because I thought it pithy. Re-tweets do not necessarily equate to endorsement on Twitter, as anyone who uses that Social Media platform should

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