Divide and Rule
Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) wrote extensively on the use of class warfare and was a major influence on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) wrote extensively on the use of class warfare and was a major influence on both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Most of us have heard the term “divide and conquer” although we may not necessarily know exactly what it means. In military tactics “divide and conquer” can apply to defeating a large opposing force by breaking it into smaller, more easily defeated units. In everyday life “divide and conquer” can apply to solving a large, complex problem set by splitting it into smaller, more easily solved problems. The algebraic “word problems” we learned in high school are examples of this concept.

However there is a closely related and more sinister political concept referred to as “divide et impera” – literally “divide and rule” – in which one party gains power over a collection of other parties by breaking up larger concentrations of power into smaller, manageable pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. Subsequently the ruling power maintains their power by actively preventing all of the smaller power groups from joining together to challenge the resulting central government by various means – such as the imposition of new laws, policing, control of information and the media, control of scarce assets like medical care, food and water, and the restriction of things which might threaten the ruling party such as weapons and technology. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divide_and_rule.)

I found this wonderful example on Wikipedia;

““Divide and Rule” is a classic science fiction novella by L. Sprague de Camp (http://www.amazon.com/Divide-rule-L-Sprague-Camp/dp/B0007DU050.) The plot follows that a future earth has been conquered by the extraterrestrial “Hoppers,” aliens resembling kangaroos. To secure their dominance, the “Hoppers” have reserved all advanced technology for their own use and resurrected the feudal society of the European Middle Ages, which they have imposed on the Earthlings to prevent them from uniting against their conquerors.”

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divide_and_Rule_(short_story) )

This would be a textbook implementation of “divide and rule”

Some attribute the concept of “divide and rule” to the Romans, and indeed it seems like a concept tailor made to have been born in the imperial Roman mind. We see this concept at work in every fractured, tribal-based region the Romans governed, imposing brutal rule by Legion and then exploiting existing societal seams and fractures to keep the locals off balance and more worried about one another than in uniting against the Romans.

Whether or not the concept was invented by the Romans “divide and rule” works and became standard practice for Roman Governors in the furthest reaches of their empire.

Today another group also makes use of “divide and rule”… the modern American Socialist in the form of political class warfare such as that waged daily by the Democrat Party and the Leftist main stream media. Their strategy is to create as many fissures and divides as possible and exploit those that take hold; rich from poor is easy enough so they start there. Of course separating white Americans from black Americans is deeply rooted in our nation’s history so that too is low-hanging fruit frequently sampled by Progressives.

Progressive America is already well down the road of dividing those who believe in a supreme being – from whom our Constitutionally recognized “unalienable rights” flow – from those who have forsaken such beliefs as “unsophisticated” and “childish.” After all if God does not exist then our Founding Fathers and by extension the “archaic” documents they created to form our government can be dismissed as outdated, in desperate need of modernization… starting with scrapping that whole concept of rights given to all of Mankind from some imaginary “God”!

If our rights do not come from God then they must logically flow from the people themselves, preferably vested by legislation into a strong, central government they freely vote into power. If God does not exist then just about any belief can be forged into new laws to bolster an ever-growing government, since there would no longer be any pesky religious ethics and morals getting in the way.

In such a society we’d be free to create a government that panders to our most narcissistic and hedonistic desires. Of course we must have birth control – and by extension abortion – because Man is an organism driven by sex. Drugs and alcohol must flow freely. Work must be easy and simple and conducted on a “level playing field” where everything is “fair.” Makes sense, right? Right?

That form of Human existence and society doesn’t necessarily need to actually function long-term, it just needs to sound good enough to take root amongst the disenfranchised, fractured groups while other control measures are put into place by the government… such as building an unstoppable government bureaucracy, dramatically increasing societal dependence through massive welfare programs and eliminating private ownership of firearms.

Of course the Progressive Left is quite adept at class warfare. Consider these examples already present in the Progressive narrative and talking points heard every day on main stream news programs…

  • Rich from poor… this one is perhaps the original and quintessential example of class warfare, having been used by revolutionaries since money was invented, where heroes like Robin Hood famously stole from the rich and gave to the poor… even murders like Jesse James and Bonnie and Clyde are ascribed by some to have such attributes; Biden’s remarks about “time to give your fair share”, and “it’s unpatriotic not to pay taxes”
  • Black from white… the recent fiasco in Ferguson is a modern classic, wherein the proven false narrative of “hands up, don’t shoot” which claimed that white Police were hunting and murdering young black men is still being spread by Progressives and the main stream media
  • Citizen from non-citizen… if you refer to “illegal aliens” then “you’re just a racist”, and “our ancestors were all immigrants at one time or another, you just don’t want others to share in the American dream!”
  • Union from corporation… this one’s simple – after all “you didn’t build that!” Look at all the brouhaha over the paychecks of corporate CEOs receive and the senseless push for a $15 per hour minimum wage
  • College educated from non-college educated… consider the recent statements made by Progressives about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who left college during his fourth year and is therefore not fit to be President, for without a college degree Progressives will judge you to be “unenlightened” despite the fact that less than 35% of Americans have college degrees
  • Coastal big city urbanite from those who live in “fly-over states”… consider how the main stream media consistently characterizes rural middle America as being populated by brutish, bigoted, narrow-minded, homophobic, Islamophobia, war-mongering simpletons, lacking the enlightenment provided by the aforementioned college education, rooted in the archaic concepts of the past such as classic gender role-models, “clinging to our guns and Bibles”
  • Federalist from Republican… those who want a strong central government and cradle-to-grave Socialism, and who are willing to relinquish their Constitutional rights to achieve that State, from those who seek individual liberty, freedom and prosperity in a Republic in which power is diffused to the several States and controlled by the People

The goal of the American Progressive, Socialist Left is not the betterment of America, but the subjugation of America. Their goal is power, wealth and control, and their strategy is “divide et impera”… “divide and rule.”


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