You Can’t Have It Both Ways
A Rabbit With Some Pancakes on it's Head
A Rabbit With Some Pancakes on it’s Head

15 year olds who want birth control are adults, but 26 year olds who want ObamaCare are children.

18 year olds who want to join the Army are adults, but 18 year olds who want alcohol are children

Peaceful T.E.A. Party demonstrators are dangerous, but the Occupy Movement, which has already caused 10s of millions of dollars in damages and lost revenue, is a good thing and an expression of personal freedom.

As my children were growing up I tried my best to explain the difference between my political viewpoint – decidedly conservative – with the crap I knew they were being taught in the Washington State school district – a decidedly liberal viewpoint.

One of the major differences was that the liberal mindset tends to examine each legal question, each constitutional conflict, each social issue independent of all other issues.  In truth the world doesn’t work like that.  All of the issues of our time are related.  You cannot change one part of the world without generating changes in many other areas.

You cannot operate open borders and tie the hands of border control agents, allowing millions of illegal aliens to enter the United States without driving unemployment and health care costs up.

You cannot raise the minimum wage without causing small business owners to lay off minimum wage employees and increase prices on all of us on just about everything we buy… including the very people the liberals were trying to help in the first place.

You cannot provide health care to 40 million additional Americans at little to no cost to them without raising taxes on all Americans… despite what Obama preached during his recent campaign.  We are clearly seeing those additional taxes now… and the government is not through.

You cannot have it both ways.

I couldn’t decide on an appropriate photo to accompany this post so I’ve given you a picture of a rabbit with some pancakes on it’s head.  It makes about as much sense as the crap Liberals come up with!

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