One of My Few Pleasures
Doctor Obama
Doctor Obama

The ObamaCare website is a total mess.  I used to design websites and that’s still part of what I do.  The ObamaCare website isn’t just not very good it’s a total train wreck.  It’s bad all the way down to its very core code.  Every website expert and computer security expert has panned the thing as total crap.  This isn’t something that can be fixed in a few weeks or even months.  There is no patch that can be downloaded and applied to suddenly cause the thing to work.  It is terminal.

So much for the website.  But the website is only the “front end” for the real problem… ObamaCare.

ObamaCare cannot work.  The math is impossible… IMPOSSIBLE.  There is no free lunch.  It does not fix our broken health care system.  It does not address tort reform, or nationwide sale of health insurance, or the fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid.  It suppresses small business growth, ensures less employment and keeps our economy from recovering.  It will complicate and slow access to medical care.  It will drive perspective medical students away from a career in medicine.  It even imposes new taxes on medical research!

Having said all that, of course, I want ObamaCare to fail and I don’t want the Republicans to take any action to assist the DNC in saving it.  No action whatsoever.  No GOP ‘fingerprints’ on ObamaCare one way or the other.  If they will just restrain themselves and stand on the sidelines they will see ObamaCare collapse under the weight of the combined screw-ups from which the law is built.

From an anti-ObamaCare perspective there are three unexpected benefits we reap from this crappy website.

1. The first is that a crappy website is something that a great many Obama supporters – the young, tech savvy crowd (pretty much anyone in the country younger than 30) – will simply not tolerate.  Young Americans are online all the time, they realize that smoothly functioning websites are created every day and they have come to expect that.  Cyber security is HUGE to young Americans.  As soon as word gets around that a particular website is unsafe young Americans will back pedal away from it, just as they are doing with the ObamaCare website today.  Without young, healthy Americans signing up – and paying real money – ObamaCare will fail.  Obama’s falling poll numbers are at least in part due to the failure of the ObamaCare website.

2. With the immediate and total failure of the website at least some mainstream network media finally woke up and started to re-examine the whole issue of ObamaCare.  If the website had opened smoothly a great many more people would have been able to sign up – although I doubt there would have been enough to pay for and ‘balance’ the program heading into 2014 – and it would have been harder to showcase the faults in ObamaCare.  In this sense the total failure of the ObamaCare website was something of a herald that much worse is yet to come.

3. This botched website serves as a daily spotlight on the inefficiency of Big Government.  It has also provided the opportunity to highlight Michelle Obama’s personal relationship with the senior management at CGI – the company that produced the website having been handed a “no bid” contract.  Crony Capitalism seems to be the only form of Capitalism the Obamas understand.

Afghanistan is 12 hours ahead of the United States.  Every morning I wake up to the evening talk shows, and we get CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on the satellite network here.  Every morning I wake up fearing to hear that the ObamaCare website is all fixed up, working smoothly and that hundreds of thousands of Americans are on that site finding and paying for health care.  So far that hasn’t happened.  Personally I hope it NEVER happens… and from a technical standpoint I have faith that the site cannot be fixed in less than a year.

I want the DNC to suck ObamaCare up and have to live this all through the next two election cycles.  This is the income redistribution that President Obama promised us.  This is Obama fundamentally changing America.  This is the Socialist dream trying to come true… and it’s a horrible failure.  I’m loving this!

The crappy ObamaCare website has been one of my most cherished news topics since the beginning of October.  It makes me smile.  Please don’t take that away from me… not at Christmas time… not while I’m stuck here in Shittown, Afghanistan!

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