The Battle for the Control of the DNC?
It's Not Your Father's DNC Anymore
It’s Not Your Father’s DNC Anymore

If you think for a second that the agenda of senior DNC leadership is NOT all about Socialism, control of the means of production and the concentration of power in an oppressive Federal government, you are sadly mistaken.

The Dems want that power more than anything, and they’re willing to say and do ANYTHING to get that power and retain that power.  We’ve seen this quite clearly over this past nearly four years, and most certainly this past two years with the DNC in charge of the House of Representatives.

If the Dems thought Bernie would actually win, they’d be behind him and his agenda of Socialism 100%.

Right now, today, 35% of American voters – especially young American voters – actually WANT Socialism!  Now you can tell yourself; “Well, they just don’t understand what Socialism actually is”, but I challenge you to try to convert one of those folks.  It’s all about wanting free stuff; free health care, free housing, student loans paid off for free and free college for all.  Further, it’s all about wanting the government to control everything, to “level the playing field” with insanity like a $15 minimum wage.  And, oh by the way, Bernie has recently suggested calling for $30/hour.

These same idiots believe that the real problem is ‘all of Americas millionaires and billionaires’, and that if we could just tax – or better yet confiscate – all of that wealth (remember, “… they didn’t make that”) and distribute that to America’s underpaid and poor… well, everything would be just fine.

Only one way to accomplish those two goals.  Government takeover of the means of production!

And they are well aware that a great many Americans will resist – probably an ARMED resistance if they move too quickly.  They MUST control America’s guns and Second Amendment rights.  Their plans mandate that they eliminate the means of the people to resist.

The percentage of pro-Socialist Americans grows larger every day as more brainwashed, obedient little Nazi Storm Troopers graduate our high schools and colleges where they’ve been indoctrinated for a decade or more by Socialist teachers and professors.

So, for now – for the 2020 Presidential election cycle – the DNC is content to try to suppress Bernie for yet another election.  Too bad they can’t pull his puppet strings the way they do Biden.  They’ll bide their time, waiting another four or even eight years… wait for millions more young pro-Socialist voters to join the fight.

It’s two steps forward, and one step back – this election cycle it’s a cautious step back from the brink of Socialism.  It’s the story of the frog in a pot of cool water on the stove.  He floats blissfully as the heat rises, not perceiving the danger until he finds himself cooked to death.

Even if President Trumps wins a well-deserved second term – and I have faith that he will – the plans of America’s Socialist Liberals, and the Democratic National Committee will not abate.  You’ll see more attempts to confiscate firearms, more slanderous attacks of racism, and their steady strategy to divide America into easily incited special interest groups pitted against each other.  And when the time is right, they’ll rise up again, with a carefully groomed, highly charismatic candidate.

Even if Conservatism wins, and President Trump is re-elected – even if he has the opportunity to place hundreds or even thousands more Constitutional judges into Federal courts, and perhaps another Supreme Court Justice or two – the fight is not over.

There will be a time when it’s not 35% of America who want Socialism, but 55%.  Then it will be time for the DNC to openly embrace Socialism.  By that time maybe they’ll have enacted enough “sensible gun control legislation”.  Maybe by then there won’t be such strong opposition as President Trump.

So, enjoy the next four years of relative sanity in our White House (it still is OUR White House by the way) and watch as the heat in our pot is slowly turned up.  Watch as the DNC continues to shout “Russia, Russia, Russia” – and now “Trump Virus, Trump Virus, Trump Virus”.  Watch as the Socialists multiply springing up from our own children and grandchildren.  Watch as our 2nd Amendment rights are slowly eroded.  Watch as our enemies around the world increase in power, as the deep-state swamp politicians who remain, and the President who follows Trump, allow our military to atrophy in favor of Socialist and welfare spending, and as we once again cede the world stage to dictators because “nothing is worth war”.

Politics is always a popularity contest.  You cannot write sanity into a political system.  The best you can do is to set up majority rule, tempered by a strong and wisely constructed Constitution, which is exactly what our Founding Fathers did.  They added an Electoral College system to emphasize the independence of the States, and imposed a requirement for a 66% majority in order to actually change the Constitution.

But what happens when the 35% becomes not just 55%, but 66%?

I’ll wrap up with a famous dead guy quote from Doctor Zhivago.  As Policeman Yevgraf Zhivago (played by Alec Guinness – the good doctor’s half-brother – comes across our hero Yuri Zhivago stealing wood from a fence to keep his family from freezing to death in the harsh Russian winter.  “That was the first time I ever saw my brother”, Yevgraf says”.  “But I knew him.  And I knew I would disobey the Party (since stealing wood was a death offence which – as a Party Policeman – it was Yevgraf’s duty to impose on the spot).  Perhaps it was the tie of blood between us, but I doubt it; we were only half-tied anyway, and brothers will betray a brother.  Indeed, as a policeman I would say get hold of a man’s brother and you’re half-way home.  Nor was it admiration for a better man than me.  I did admire him; but I didn’t think he was a better man.  Besides, I’ve executed better men than me with a small pistol.”

The point is that, eventually, when the time is right, and they sense that the majority is in their favor, even “moderate Democrats” will grudgingly yield to the Party’s mandate of absolute control… and open war will be upon us.

“Moderate Germans” helped the Nazi’s shovel Jews into the ovens.

Make no mistake… the fight is coming.  And if you believe otherwise, well, you’re just not paying attention.

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