Arrogance and the Abuse of Power
Sarah Hall Ingram
IRS Commissioner Sarah Hall Ingram – she really seems pissed that we might question what the IRS is doing

By now you should know that the IRS is in some pretty deep trouble.  The White House is in full defense mode.  You’d think that there would be some people fired and some careers ruined by now trying to do damage control, huh?

Nope.  Check this out.

ABC News reports that the person that was running the branch of the IRS that has already admitted wrongdoing – Ms. Sarah Hall Ingram – is now in charge of the newly formed IRS branch that will enforce Obama Care regulations by reviewing your tax returns to make sure that you have the necessary insurance or coming down on you with the power if the IRS if you do not!

Was Ingram promoted for her work against “conservative” organizations on behalf of the Obama administration?  Wait!  Don’t answer!  There’s more!

According to ABC “Her successor, Joseph Grant, is taking the fall for misdeeds at the scandal-plagued [IRS] unit between [run by Ingram] from 2010 and 2012.  During at least part of that time, Grant served as deputy commissioner of the tax-exempt unit.  Grant announced today that he would retire June 3, despite being appointed as commissioner of the tax-exempt office May 8, a week ago.”

YES!  HER SUCCESSOR… as in not in charge when the crimes were being committed SUCCESSOR.  Was he perhaps aware?  Ya, probably.  Should he be fired ALSO?  Ya, probably.  But what about Ingram?  So the Treasury Department fires the guy that came along BEHIND Ingram, and sends Ingram off to MONITOR YOUR TAX RETURNS!

By the way the crimes by the IRS were committed (at least as far as we know so far) during 2010-2012 – the years running up to the election, you see.

“Yes”, you say, “but surely they have fired the Commissioner of the IRS probably, right?”  NO!  They have only accepted the earlier than expected retirement of the current acting Commissioner of the IRS Steven Miller… who was about to retire anyway!

ABC further reports “Sen. John Cornyn (TX-R) even introduced a bill, the “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013,” which would prohibit the Secretary of the Treasury, or any delegate, including the IRS, from enforcing the Affordable Care Act.”

Well that won’t matter because the Democrats control the Senate and the Republicans control the House of Representatives, so no law can be passed… because that’s what our government has become – a large, expensive immobile organization that cannot accomplish anything!

So Obama Care WILL go into effect as planned because it’s already law, and the IRS’ new office – the office that is set up to be staffed with thousands of new IRS agents – headed by the woman that lead the persecution of “conservative” groups and clearly broke the law WILL head the review of your taxes and WILL make sure they are getting your money to fund it.  And you WILL shut the hell up and take it because if you make trouble the Government WILL smack you down with a tax audit.  ARE YOU GETTING THE MESSAGE?

Eric Holder
Attorney General Eric Holder

But I’ll bet that President Obama is “as upset by all of this as you are.”  I’ll bet that he’s going to have his Attorney General Eric Holder “look into all of this” and conduct an investigation.  I’ll bet he’s “going to get to the bottom of all this!”

Three significant scandals now face the White House; this IRS business, the AP News phone records scandal and the Benghazi scandal.  Those of you old enough to remember the Nixon years will now see that whole nightmare play out again.  The difference this time is that the President will not be impeached, because that would throw way too much dirt on Hillary Clinton, and the media only has less than two years to get this all behind us and reset for her run at the White House, which will begin in the fall of 2014.

So what you will see – remembering that what you “see” is what the media decides to offer up for you to “see” – what you will see in the near future will be several weeks or a few months of “outrage” at the “injustice.”  Eventually folks like Ingram will be fired.  Perhaps Eric Holder decides to “step down” amid  the AP phone records scandal.  Maybe we even see former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta admonished to some degree over the Benghazi scandal.  But that will be all.

If you think (or are starting to suspect) that Obama is a corrupt bastard… you ain’t seen nothing yet!  Wait till Hillary Clinton gets into the Oval Office… with Bill there to advise her… and the entire former “Clinton Spin Machine” that’s been laying low in Washington for years in many cases supporting the Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary was the darling of the media in the past until Obama came on stage, and her place is still there for her.  The difference is that Hillary isn’t as inexperienced as Obama – isn’t as openly and shamelessly arrogant as Obama.  Hillary will be twice as cutthroat, but she won’t get caught.

First the media rallied around “America’s First Black President” (well, once they felt he actually had a change of willing cause before that they were behind Hillary.)  Now they’ll rally around “America’s First Woman President.”

So suck it up America and remember that elections have consequences.  You managed to re-elect this pack of corrupt filthy law-breaking politicians from Chicago for a second term by a whopping landslide of just a fraction over a 1% margin.  The media kept its mouth shut like good little troopers and look the other way for as long as they could – long enough to get past the election.

This has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats.  This is about arrogance and the abuse of power, whether it is Nixon or Obama.

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