Doom and Gloom… President Trump is Destroying America
Trump Rallies His Supporters
Trump Rallies His Supporters

The Presidency was supposed to have gone to Hillary Clinton in 2016.  Everyone knew that.  The Democrats knew it.  The Liberal media knew it.  Hell, even the Republicans knew it.  And every poll in America showed that as the only possible result… right up to election night.  Absolutely NOBODY expected Donald Trump to win in 2016.

The Left has never accepted President Trump and has worked to overturn his Constitutionally legal election since 2016.

The American Socialist Left and their mainstream media lapdogs have branded President Trump a racist, although he has a long and well documented history of working for minority jobs, and was a media darling… up until he announced he was running for President in 2016 against Queen Hillary whose coronation was long overdue after eight years of Obama.

At first, they chuckled, saying he just wasn’t serious.  But then his campaign really started to gain momentum, and the terror began to build.  Then the unthinkable happened… he actually won!  And the campaign to discredit him ramped up to full throttle.

The Left began to promise their base they would impeach President Trump literally even before he was inaugurated.  And a few days ago, the DNC Speaker of the House delivered impeachment charges to the Senate.  Of course, the Left is already saying “… he’s impeached for life”.

So, I guess President Trump doesn’t have a right to a trial to PROVE his guilt or innocence.  See folks, the word “impeachment” means “to bring charges of misconduct made against the holder of a public office”.  Guilt or innocence is determined by a trial in the Senate.

Even before President Trump was sworn in Liberals were predicting that the stock market would crash, that the economy would tank, and that we would never recover.  Obviously, none of that occurred, and we are now enjoying the strongest economy in our history.  The response from the Liberal mainstream media has been deafening silence.

President Trump’s tax cut was supposed to crash our economy too… but all it did was put more money into people’s pockets, which they, in turn, spent on all kinds of stuff, further stoking the best economic growth America has ever seen.  Christmas shopping for 2017, 2018 and 2019 has broken all records.

All of the thousands of business-choking regulations that President Trump has cut starting with his first day in office were hand-waived off by Democrats as laughably meaningless and ineffectual.  Now we have record high business startups and record low unemployment.

Building the wall; for the first couple of years of the Trump administration the media simply denied that the wall was even being built.  Then they said it wouldn’t make a difference because “walls don’t work”.  Now with more than 100 miles of new wall in place, and another 100 miles that‘s been repaired and brought up to modern specifications, and with the rate of illegal aliens crossing the border on foot down to record lows, the media has simply moved on to other lies to conceal President Trump’s successes.

Negotiating with North Korea was supposed to fail miserably, and President Trump was ridiculed for even trying.  Many predicted that Kim would start a war with South Korea and that millions would die.  Since the end of the Korean War previous Presidents from both sides of the aisle have simply paid off the Kim regime to keep them calm.  President Trump imposed crippling sanctions and offered negotiations.  Now, Trump’s negotiations with Kim haven’t met with tremendous success, but it has resulted in a cessation of testing of long-range ballistic missiles from North Korea… and so far, no war, and no millions dead.

You may recall that we were supposed to be on the verge of recession for most of 2019, and yet, here we are in 2020 and there’s no recession on the horizon.

The assassination of the Iranian terrorist commander, General Qassem Soleimani, was supposed to have led to another “endless war” that would “engulf the entire Middle East”.  Instead, it seems to have led to Iran making one ‘bloodless’ retaliatory attack on U.S. military facilities in Iraq and calling it good.  Again, like North Korea, the crippling sanctions that President Trump has imposed on that rogue regime are still in place, and now there are hundreds of thousands of anti-regime demonstrators rioting across the country in dozens of major cities.  Maybe we’re watching the beginning of a freedom revolution in Iran… maybe not.  But we’re certainly not on the verge of another war.

Remember the “dangerous trade war” that President Trump has been waging with China?  The one that the Leftist, Socialist mainstream media assured us would cripple America’s farmers and factory workers making Trump “unelectable” in 2020?  Well, today, we see real results from that effort, as the United States and China sign the first provisions of a new trade agreement… and President Trump’s poll numbers are about where Obama’s were at this same time in his first term – despite a non-stop flood of media slander and lies.

Are you starting to see a pattern here?  The elitist, Leftist media hate President Trump.  They’ve been caught lying and delivering “fake news” about him over and over this past three years.

And what sort of future is being promised to Americans by the Democrats in this election cycle?  What lofty promises are they making to the American people trying to win their votes?

The Democrats are literally promising to repeal the tax cuts and raise taxes higher than ever before, in order to pay for “Medicare For All” – which will include 10 million illegal aliens, by the way.  That’ll collapse our health insurance industry and make us all entirely dependent on a government run health system.

They’re promising to close the Departments of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement… and open our borders to all comers.  Then they’ll offer automatic citizenship for those same 10 million illegal aliens who are already here… the ones that cost American taxpayers $116 billion each year!  In the grand scheme of things, the DNC simply considers that to be 10 million new Democrat voters!

They’ll cut military spending to pay for all of that, of course.  I’m not really certain if that will come before or after they turn up the heat on their efforts to erode our right to keep and bear arms down to bolt-action hunting rifles and one round each.  Hey!  Maybe they’ll tackle both of those at the same time!

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough – these senior leadership of the DNC actually want to replace our Capitalist economy with Socialism!

Don’t believe me?  Just listen to the gibberish being spewed out of the mouths of every single candidate for Democratic nomination for President.  Just visit any of their websites or read the official platform of the Democratic National Committee.

So, you don’t like President Trump’s hair, or you hate the way he Tweets, or “his linguistics ain’t so good like you and me”?  That’s fine.  But don’t tell me how he’s destroying the country, because that’s crap.

The swamp that is Washington DC is inhabited by creatures who have slogged through the filth there for decades.  They got there by being liars, ass-kissers and yes-men (and women), by changing their opinions on every major issue as the polls shift in order to win votes, and by ignoring the people who sent them to Washington in favor the people who paid to put them there.

The denizens of that swamp don’t know how to handle President Trump.  In all their years slurping up the obscene amounts of corruption money there, they’ve never seen how a real businessman handles an economy.  They’ve spent their lives backing down from dictators and terrorists, so they can’t understand a President who listens to his military leaders and won’t back down from terrorists – even if some of those same military leaders recommend that he does just that.

Washington politicians on both sides have always put themselves first and so they cannot understand putting the interests of the American people first.  But most of all they hate and fear the fact that President Trump arrived at the White House without first being bought out and controlled by one of the two predominate political parties.  Nobody controls him.  Nobody owns him.  Nobody can come calling to cash in some long-ago political favor.

And so, the Democrats seek to overturn the election.

Remember how we had to impeach President Trump because he fired FBI Director James Comey.  Yeah, but then we found out Comey was lying scumbag, so that course was abandoned.

Remember Russia Gate?  Well, after more than two years of intense and costly investigation by the Justice Department we got nothing… absolutely nothing.

Now we’re approaching another election, so there’s Ukraine Gate, and the Democrats – desperate to sully President Trump during the final months running up to the 2020 election – have gone all in and actually filed articles of impeachment.  They arrived at these charges in an entirely partisan manner, without a single Republican vote.  In fact, there actually lost a few Democrats!  This is pure politics, nothing more.

They misuse the term “impeachment” as if it somehow means “guilty”, which of course it does not.  These are simply charges.  They’re allegations.  Nothing more.  They would be happy to deny President Trump a trial in the Senate of course, but that’s not going to happen.  The Constitution demands that the Senate now decide President Trump’s fate.  There’s also no chance that the Senate – controlled by Republicans – will find President Trump guilty.  This is all politics.  This is all for show.  This is all a smokescreen.  A vain attempt to win just a few more votes for whoever the Democrat candidate will be.

If you hate President Trump, there’s no convincing you that any of what I’ve presented here is valid.  If you love President Trump, reading this article probably hasn’t made you love him more.  But if you’re sitting on the fence, I hope you think long and hard about your vote in November, because the fate of our nation rests on this upcoming election.

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