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Choose Yer Side!
Choose Yer Side!

Make no mistake; although I do count myself with the TEA Party, in Nov 2014 and again in Nov 2016 I will vote straight Republican Party line, and I don’t care if Bozo the Clown is leading the ticket.

I have stated many times that I now consider myself to be a TEA Party member, and then I went out and officially joined and donated money. In fact I have stopped donating to the GOP for the time being and donate exclusively to the TEA Party.

However come Election Day I will NOT fall on my sword and hold out for a TEA Party candidate unless that candidate is also representing the GOP.  Nor will I stay home in anger because the GOP nominee is just not quite “Conservative” enough for me, or because he’s fat, or because she has religious beliefs that do not match mine.

I will NOT cast a protest vote because that’s a vote for the Liberals. You can damn sure bet THEY will all turn out!

I will not sit on my ass at home because I think that calling myself a “principled non-voter” somehow makes me sound cerebral, and then spend the next four years telling people “well don’t blame me!”

If you still hold out the slightest hope of taking America back you had better vote in EVERY election, from your local school district to the White House – and vote straight party line… GOP all the way!

If the GOP has embraced a TEA Party candidate then that’s great! But you’re a fool if you hold out and vote for an independent TEA Party candidate who subsequently loses the election because that only siphons votes away from the GOP and that’s pretty much the same thing as voting for the Democrats.  Voting any other way will ensure that more Socialist and Liberal Democrats will retain power in our government.  It will push America over the Socialist cliff.

You all need to think this thing through. We are currently where we are – suffering through #Obama’s second term and enduring all of his out-of-control lawlessness and Socialism – exactly BECAUSE of a great many Conservatives committing one of the aforementioned offenses.

We have one chance left – in November of 2014.  If we screw that up we’re probably not going to see all that much change in November of 2016 even if we get a Republican President elected.

The Dems will pull out all the stops in these next two elections.  They will dig deeply into their bag of dirty tricks, commit voter fraud, challenge election counts, drag every loss through the courts and pull in the backing of their millionaire Hollywood buddies, the main stream media… and of course George Soros.

In my humble opinion we have one last chance to show one another – and the country – that we CAN turn things around here in America – Election Day, November 2014.  If Conservatives fail to regain control of the Senate I fear that will be an indication of where the country is headed for 2016.  I’ll not give up the fight, but it will be a black day indeed.

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