Problem Solving One Step at a Time: ObamaCare and the Scientific Method
Steps of the Scientific Method
Steps of the Scientific Method

The Dems are fond of complaining that the GOP has no plan that would take the place of ObamaCare.  That’s true, but only because ObamaCare changes everything, and the GOP is not in favor of changing everything.  But to say that the GOP has no plans to address the fundamental problems with American health care is not true.

Many Republicans have fielded great ideas for health care reform – especially Republican lawmakers who are doctors and have actually worked as such, managing their own private practice offices.  They’ve seen the problems with health care first hand.

The philosophical difference between “changing everything” (Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” is part of that philosophy) and a more measured approach that more prudent minds might take is what separates the DNC and the GOP.

In my humble opinion I prefer a government that changes very little, and in fact implements those small changes slowly.  Scientific method tells us that a slow, measured approach to problems is the one that works.

If you change too much too quickly there is no way to determine which one of the changes brought about the desired result.  Further if the desired change does not come about it is impossible to determine which change was ineffective… or even to identify one change that might have countered some other change.

The scientific method is the basis of all research and problem solving.  I want my lawmakers to research problems and solve them.  Sometimes that solution may take the form of a new law.  Sometimes that solution may take the form of repealing or modifying an existing law.  Sometimes a solution while possible is not practical.  Sometimes a solution, while possible and practical, is not Constitutional.

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