The Intolerant Left

Today I bought $60 worth of stuff from the official Duck Commander website today as a ‘protest purchase’ to show my opposition to the A&E cable TV network’s reaction to Phil Robertson for his controversial views on homosexuals.  If you are not aware of this situation you should follow the link below and read that story before reading my own comments any further…

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

Ya, this is a Fox News link, and I try to avoid linking to them because a lot of you out there are on the Left and you think that Fox News is a bunch of lying liars that tell lies and lie all the time… by telling lots of lies… because they’re liars.  But the truth is that every other mainstream website had such dramatically and clearly skewed coverage on this issue that they aren’t worth reading.

OK back to my $60.  Why did I do this?  Do I support the rather shocking comments Robertson made?  Do I hate homosexuals?  No to both – and I don’t believe that Phil Robertson hates homosexuals either!  Those of you who know me, know full well that I have no strong views one way or another about homosexuality.  I’m heterosexual.  Some of my friends and co-workers are homosexual.  Honestly it doesn’t come up much and I don’t dwell on it.  It’s just not my thing.

This thing with Robertson isn’t about anybody’s sexuality.  Robertson was asked point-blank what his views were and he gave an honest answer.  Those of you who have heard the words used may be a bit shocked by his graphic language, but he did not use any of the normal sort of disparaging terms we’ve all heard applied to homosexuals in the past.  He merely stated the position he felt the bible required of him – including the proclamation that he loved all Mankind and that included homosexuals.

But of course the pro-homosexual organizations immediately descended on him calling him a hateful bigot… and a lot of other things I will not repeat here, especially on the blogs and on Twitter boys and girls – very, very graphic and shocking comments posted there, including a lot of desire to see Phil Robertson murdered in various horrible ways.

A&E immediately suspended him from the show “Duck Dynasty” and now the future of the show is in serious doubt as the Robertson family has rallied around their patriarch.

No.  This isn’t about homosexuality.  It isn’t about whether the Bible actually tells us that homosexuality is a sin or not.  This is about tolerance.  Not the tolerance that Phil Robertson should have for homosexuals but about the tolerance we should all have about the opinions of those around us.

The Left is not tolerant – not unless you agree with them.  If you disagree with them then you are a bigot, a racist, a sexist, or ignorant, or hateful.  They present their opinion as absolute fact and if you don’t agree you must be ignorant.  Only if you agree with the position the Left takes are you allowed to “speak freely.”

The Left does this sort of crap all the time.  They do it with Global Warming… err, Cooling… err, Climate Change – or whatever the hell it is today!  If you didn’t accept their premise as fact you’re simply ignorant.  If you believe in divine creation you’re simply ignorant.  Hell these days if you believe in the existence of God at all many on the Left treat you like a retarded child who still believes in Santa Claus.

To quote Megyn Kelly of Fox News from last night, “The answer to speech you don’t like isn’t less speech, its more speech.”  Love that woman!

To quote another from Fox News Tucker Carlson also from last night’s programming, “I can’t even keep track anymore of all the things I can’t say… all of the unapproved thoughts I can’t have!”  Right on Tucker!  This is still a free country… right?  Right?

Do you suppose for one second that if Phil Robertson had been a Muslim and that the Duck Dynasty show was about a Muslim family that ran a business of some sort, that if their patriarch had said the EXACT SAME THING that there would have been such an outcry from the Left?  You’re dreaming if you think that there would have been!

Islam – the religion that the Left continually wants to coddle and accommodate and understand and apologize to and for HATES homosexuality.  Here in Afghanistan homosexuals are regularly put to death.  Same thing in Iran and Iraq and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and across Northern Africa.  Typically they are STONED TO DEATH!

No.  The Left would have been deafeningly silent if Phi Robertson had been a Muslim and was quoting the same sort of prohibitions on homosexuality found in the Quran – and they’re right there for all to read… check on that for yourself.

The stark truth is that every major religion on the planet prohibits homosexuality… and not just homosexuality, but all other forms of “sexual immorality” including bestiality and (gasp) adultery.  That’s just the way it is!  Sorry if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Robertson also labeled drunks and prostitutes “sinners” as well.  And guess what?  According to the Bible and the religious texts of all other mainstream religions… THEY ARE!  I’m really sorry if that doesn’t sit well with you but your unease with the truth doesn’t change the facts.  You can choose to believe otherwise – that’s your right… just as it is Phil Robinson’s right to believe what the Bible proclaims in black and white.

Look, we all sin, and it is my belief that in the eyes of God there are no Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sins.  It’s just sin.  For one of us to pump himself or herself up and proclaim that “I am less sinful than you!” is akin to one ant hopping up on a twig to elevate himself above his peers and shouting to the human standing a thousand times taller “Human!  See me!  I’m bigger and better than the rest of the ants!”

Having said that I think Robertson is also probably a “sinner” and as such is – in my humble opinion – wrong to get all high and mighty about homosexuality and the other sins he mentioned.  But he has the RIGHT to do so and my whole life has and continues to be about defending the RIGHTS of Americans!  Remember that he was only responding to very specific and direct questions being asked by his interviewer.  Would you rather that he betrayed his faith and lied?

I don’t think Robertson’s comments were “appropriate” or “nice” or “politically correct.”  But I do think they were honest expression for him and his beliefs.  The Left wants to force him to believe as they do, and I got news for them… they can shout “bigot” and “hater” all day long and it will not change a thing.

A&E also has rights.  They have the right to cancel “Duck Dynasty” and if they had one shred of integrity and the courage of their convictions that’s exactly what they would do – RIGHT NOW.  But we all know how popular the series is and that this is really all about money.  For this hesitation A&E are a bunch of cowards.  Hey A&E… how about you go ahead and show us all just how much you support GLAAD – cancel the damn series!

By the way if you decide to buy some ‘protest gear’ of your own from the Robertson’s company Duck Commander remember that the official “Duck Dynasty” website is run by A&E and will only benefit them.  Instead go to  (“Happy, Happy, Happy”)

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