Geordi, Jon and Twitter
LeVar Burton as Geordi LaForge
LeVar Burton as Geordi LaForge

Sitting here in Afghanistan watching Bill O’Reilly, and he’s interviewing LeVar Burton – dude with the visor from Star Trek Next Generation.  Ya, like I have to tell you that… THAT YOU KNOW!  You may not know what the 4th Amendment is, or any of the reasons the Egyptian Army deposed the President there… but Geordi from Star Trek – boy, that you know!

So O’Reilly asks Burton if he’s following the Zimmerman trial – the Zimmerman trial… OK, click this link and then read the rest of this…

(Waiting, waiting)

Back now?  OK.  Hispanic guy shoots a black kid, claims self-defense, the media does what they do best and tries him on TV as a “murderer” while the left-wing pundits all line up and claim it’s a racial thing… never mind that Zimmerman is Hispanic… they just go ahead and invent a new term “White Hispanic” so they can get the word “White” in there?  Ya.  That.

So Burton says “not really, just the news I get on my Twitter feeds.”  Here’s news flash LeVar – TWITTER IS NOT NEWS!  Even if you are subscribing to a Twitter feed from an actual news organization all you are getting is a 140 character snipped of a larger, longer news story… which you never take the time to read!

Here’s another news flash… the Jon Stewart Daily Show and the Colbert Report are also NOT NEWS!

Jon Stewart Host of the Daily Show
Jon Stewart Host of the Daily Show

You’re being brainwashed by the Far Left media.  They’re dangling shiny objects and distracting you from reality!

JEEZ AMERICA!  What the hell has happened to you?!?

No wonder we continue to elect total morons from both parties to every elected position in government!

Here’s an idea.  Why don’t you use your computer or your smartphone or your tablet for something other than Angry Birds and Stupid Zombies, and maybe visit a SINGLE NEWS SITE just ONCE A DAY!  Hell it would be an improvement for many of you to do that just ONCE A FREAKIN’ WEEK!

Do this or I swear to God I will come back to the United States and kick your ass!

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