Unemployment and Obamacare

Did you know that under Obama Care – a law that is already on the books, and that will come into full effect over the next two years – under this new law, employers who hire non-US citizens that are here in America legally on work visas (for example) do not have to pay into that employee’s health care benefits?

Unemployment Line
Unemployment Line

Did you know that employers who hire less than 10 workers do not have to pay into that employee’s health care benefits?

Did you know that employers who work their employees less than 40 hours a week do have to pay into that employee’s health care benefits?

Re-read those first three points and think about them for a minute.

In other words if I am an employer that runs a small restaurant, or a law firm, or a small grocery store… if I’m that guy, then Obama Care makes it much more cost-effective that I not hire that 10th employee… that I not provide my workers with a full 40 hour work week… that I not hire American citizens.  Why in the world would I not take advantage of those three facts?

The Congress is about to vote on providing approximately 11 million illegal aliens in America with a “pathway to citizenship” which will qualify all of them for employment under the first clause I outlined above.  11 million new workers will enter the mainstream workforce – not picking crops, but competing with every other American for those jobs in grocery stores, law firms, dry cleaning shops, restaurants, etc… and the government is going to provide a STRONG AND SIGNIFICANT REASON TO HIRE THEM OVER YOU AND YOUR KIDS!!!

How’s your job going right now?  Are you getting by, are ya?  You doing well?  Got money for that late-model used car you’ve been needing for the past several years?  How bout that obnoxious roommate you’ve been putting up with – got enough money to make it on your own now

Did you vote for Obama?  You’re about to get what you deserve.  Less employment for Americans at a lower overall wage, and better opportunities for non-American citizens than we give to our own.  You’re about to compete with another 11 million potential job candidates who actually have an advantage over you in the eyes of potential employers.

How’s that Hope and Change working out for ya?

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