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It's Not Your Father's DNC Anymore

The Battle for the Control of the DNC?

If you think for a second that the agenda of senior DNC leadership is NOT all about Socialism, control of the means of production and the concentration of power in an oppressive Federal government, you are sadly mistaken. The Dems want that power more than anything, and they’re willing to say and do ANYTHING to

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How Bernie Sanders Plans to Pay for His ‘Green New Deal’

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve run up me semaphores, but watching the news this morning really shivered me timbers!  There’s a storm risin’ fer sure!  (I just love talking like a Pirate, and this blog is about the only place I really get to do that!) Today, the self-proclaimed Socialist Democrat Senator

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Bernie Sanders - American Socialist

Almost Half of America

For decades Americans have been subjected to a campaign of propaganda to bolster Socialism, erode our Constitutional rights, control our thoughts and behavior, and generally weaken the Christian, conservative morals and beliefs on which our country was founded.  The Democratic Party has been hijacked by Socialists, and the Leftist main stream media has provided a

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