How Bernie Sanders Plans to Pay for His ‘Green New Deal’
Comrade Bernie

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve run up me semaphores, but watching the news this morning really shivered me timbers!  There’s a storm risin’ fer sure!  (I just love talking like a Pirate, and this blog is about the only place I really get to do that!)

Today, the self-proclaimed Socialist Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled his plan for his version of the “Green New Deal”.  The price tag is an unbelievable $16 trillion over the next 20 years.

And here’s how Bernie plans to pay for his economic heart-stopper – well, most of it anyway, since this really only comes to about $13 trillion  But what’s a few trillion between friends?  Have a little faith comrade!

The Bill
The Bill

But in reality, he’ll do it the way Democrats ALWAYS do things – through higher taxes, a crippled military and, of course, legal theft from organizations that actually WORK for their money, conducted in the courts they stuff with Liberal activist Judges:

$6.4 trillion will come from taxing companies that rise to service new so-called ‘clean energy’.  OK, I’ll play the game – I suppose that could happen… if we jack corporate taxes back up to typical Socialist Democratic Party norms, which would cripple business and stifle the very entrepreneurship and innovation that will be required to bring the very same ‘clean energy’ sector into existence in the first place.  Let’s not dwell on facts or the realities of a Capitalist economy or human nature.  Let’s just accept that an incredible $6.4 trillion of NEW taxes – that would, of course, have to be above and beyond the LOSS of tax revenue from the OLD taxpayers in the oil and coal energy sector, and other ‘dirty industry’ like steel and aluminum production as these wither and die – can, in fact, be generated.  But who pays the initial bill for the next 10 years or so as these new ‘clean energy’ companies gear up? Well, that would be the American taxpayer!

$1.2 trillion stolen from our national defense… no surprise there!  We currently spend about $600 billion each year on defense.  So, in order to come up with $1.2 trillion Bernie Sanders would have to cut defense spending by 20% – to the lowest point in more than the last 50 years – for the next 10 years – to come up that figure, and then maintain defense spending at that level in perpetuity!  But since peace is breaking out all around the planet, we really don’t need a military anyway… or a border, for that matter.  Quite literally EVERYONE on the planet is just an American that hasn’t yet arrived on our shores, as I am sure you well know!

$3 trillion will literally be stolen from the soon-to-be-defunct oil & coal industry through punitive litigation – to punish them for what?  For polluting our planet? For profiteering?  Why, yes, actually!  For that exactly.  Their capital assets and holdings would, of course, have to be confiscated, as a pack of ravenous Liberal Judges carve out their pound of flesh “for the people”.  This would be done as these companies slowly die under the weight of new “socially just” government regulations!  Humm – the government seizing control of the only viable means of energy production!  How Socialist of them!  Jee, I hope they don’t take our guns and seize control of our health care at the same time!

$2.3 trillion will come from taxing the people who will hopefully go to work at these new “Green Energy” jobs in this new utopia that the Socialist Democratic Party will deliver to us!  And – just like the taxes from corporations mentioned above – these NEW individual tax dollars will have to be over and above the LOSS of OLD individual tax dollars.  Screw the people who’ll lose all those old “dirty energy” jobs, that are too poor to relocate or too old to re-educate.  Sometimes a great nation must make a The Great Leap Forward!  Besides, they all live in fly-over states anyway, clinging to their guns and Bibles.  They should’ve known better, but they’re just too stupid to see the writing on the wall.  Hey, here’s an idea… once they’re homeless and destitute they can all move to San Francisco!

And all of this will probably cause all of the other ‘most active Greenhouse polluting nations’ of the world like China, India and Russia to join us in similar multi-trillion-dollar investments to nowhere, so that we’re not undertaking these radical actions alone for nothing… right?

Yeah, that’ll probably happen… I bet.  No, I really think that’ll happen.

Unicorn rides for everyone!


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