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Is Our President Mentally Competent?

Three Very Dangerous Gaffes

Just since President Biden landed in Europe two days ago, on May 26th, he’s blabbed at least three gaffes.  THREE!  Three very dangerous verbal gaffes. Well, that’s just ol’ Uncle Joe, you might say. After all, even the Liberal media has long admitted he’s gaffe-prone.  All just part of his fuddy-duddy, loveable nature they tell

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A Very Worried President Biden

Chinese Aggression

Aggressive Chinese military actions are in the news today; their support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, updates to their own nuclear weapons programs, and shipments of anti-aircraft missiles to Serbia.  And we dare not take our eye off of China, no doubt about that. Speaking of taking one’s eye off the ball, you may recall

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Resolute Desk

Obama’s Real Legacy Is Trump’s Inheritance

Do you recall the scene in J.R.R. Tolkien movie “The Two Towers” when our intrepid band of adventurers explains to King Theoden that open war is upon him… whether he would have it or not? The breathless fears being expressed by the American Left that President Elect Donald Trump will take office and somehow plunge

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Obama fantasizing about normal, peaceful relations with Russia and Putin

The Last Apology Tour

I am shocked by the fact that the Liberal leaders of Europe have the gall to ask President Obama how America could possibly elect a man like Donald Trump to the office of President… and I am sickened by the fact my President has the gall to try to offer an explanation. But then, it’s

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The Destruction of American Will

This information was just released by, a commercial global intelligence service to which I subscribe… “Iraq: Largest Refinery Shut Down After Attack” June 17, 2014 | 1153 GMT “Iraq’s Baiji oil refinery was shut down overnight June 16 after militants attacked the refinery with mortars, Reuters reported June 17. The refinery’s foreign staff

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President Obama Declares U.S. “Zero Civilian Casualty” Policy

During his speech to the 2014 graduating class at West Point President Obama said; “There are times when those actions [here he’s speaking about unilateral direct military action against terrorists] are necessary and we cannot hesitate to protect our people.  But as I said last year, in taking direct action, we must uphold standards that

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Russians in Crimea

I guess we could have seen this coming; Hey President Obama – a scorpion is still a scorpion! WH warns yesterday that “we will stand with the international community in stating that there will be costs for any military intervention into Ukraine”. That means absolutely nothing.  In fact to my mind it conjures up the

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