Category: Fast and Furious

What Scandal?

What scandal? •  Mexican gun running under Fast and Furious • Revelations of member identities and operational details of SEAL Team 6 • Benghazi and the assassination of our Ambassador there • NSA monitoring our phone calls and e-mails • The Justice Departments repeated failures to prosecute black activists • Using drones in our own country without the benefit of

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Phony Scandals? Obama and the Media Agree on That!

When it comes to overspending, exploiting American rights for American security, pork-barreling, and playing politics with the critical issues that face our country, are Republicans just as bad as Democrats sometimes?  Yes, they are.  They’re all career politicians. Is Obama far and away the worst President that America could have elected – and then RE-ELECTED

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Arrogance and the Abuse of Power

By now you should know that the IRS is in some pretty deep trouble.  The White House is in full defense mode.  You’d think that there would be some people fired and some careers ruined by now trying to do damage control, huh? Nope.  Check this out. ABC News reports that the person that was

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