The Nothing Burger
Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Well it seems that President Trump may have finally had enough of his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  So, why is President Trump so pissed off at Sessions?  Here are 25 good reasons, in no particular order…

  1. Where’s his investigation of illegal unmasking of U.S. citizens by Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser with no part to play in criminal investigations?
  2. Where’s his investigation of illegal unmasking of U.S. citizens by Samantha Power, Ambassador to the U.N., also with no part to play in criminal investigations?
  3. Where’s his investigation of Hillary Clinton, her e-mail scandal and her illegal mishandling of classified information?
  4. Where’s his investigation of the Clinton-approved sale of uranium to Russia?
  5. Where’s his investigation of the Clinton-Ukraine “collusion connection”?
  6. Why did he recuse himself from investigating “Russia Gate”?
  7. Why did he allow Clinton stooge Robert Mueller to be appointed Special Counsel?
  8. Where’s his investigation of corrupt EPA and BLM actions against U.S citizens this past eight years?
  9. Where’s his investigation of Lois Lerner & President Obama’s ‘weaponization’ of the corrupt IRS against conservative political organizations?
  10. Where’s his investigation of the hundreds of Veterans dead at the hands of the inept Veteran’s Administration?
  11. Where’s his investigation of former FBI Director James Comey’s intentional memo leaks… done, by his own admission, for political gain?
  12. Where’s his investigation of the President Obama cover-up of Russian hacking discovered in mid-2016?
  13. Where’s his investigation of Loretta Lynch’s ‘questionable’ meeting with Bill Clinton, and her attempt to ‘persuade’ Comey to refer to the FBI investigation of the Clinton e-mail scandal not as an “investigation” but simply nothing more than a “matter”?
  14. Where’s his investigation of Eric Holder & the botched Fast and Furious gun-running scheme that has resulted in the deaths of U.S. Border Patrol and DEA agents?
  15. Where’s his investigation of the Clinton coverup of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi?
  16. Where’s his investigation of the illegal – and still ongoing – NSA mass spying on American citizens connected to the NSA under the operational code names Boundless Informant, Dropmire, Prism, and XKeyScore… to name a few?
  17. Where’s his investigation of President Obama’s gift of $535 million of taxpayer money to failing Solyndra solar power company… which then mysteriously vanished?
  18. Where’s his investigation of Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers for their intimidation of voters in Philadelphia during the 2008 election?
  19. Where’s his investigation of President Obama’s illegal transfer of $1.7 billion in cash to Iran as payment for their ‘cooperation’ in signing the “Iranian Nuke Deal”?
  20. Where’s his investigation of the illegal swap of five Taliban terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl?
  21. Where’s his investigation of President Obama’s interference in the 2015 Israeli election as he attempted to prevent Benjamin Netanyahu – a man Obama clearly hated – from being re-elected?
  22. Where’s his investigation of President Obama’s illegal Hemisphere Project of mass surveillance program (also probably illegal) conducted by U.S. telephone company AT&T and paid for by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Drug Enforcement Administration?
  23. Where’s his investigation of the President Obama-directed manipulation of ISIS Intelligence collected by U.S. Central Command to disguise the true nature of that growing terrorist threat?
  24. Where’s his investigation of the President Obama-directed Operation Choke Point, a systematic Department of Justice ‘investigation’ of banks which was, in fact, a “thinly veiled ideological attack on industries that the Obama administration didn’t like, such as gun sellers and coal producers”?
  25. Where’s his investigation of Bill Clinton’s $500M dollar speech in Russia… wouldn’t that rise to the ‘new definition’ we now have of “collusion” as it is being applied by the American Left to President Trump?

For that matter, where are the GOP-controlled Congress’ investigations of these same likely, almost certain violations of American law… for which there is ample hard evidence?  Yet there is no shortage of investigations of alleged ‘collusion’ between the Russians and the Trump campaign… for which there is to this date – lemme see here, ZERO EVIDENCE!  Sessions and Congress are more than satisfied with that “nothing burger”!  I want them to move on to things that really matter to maintaining American justice.

The Attorney General is our nation’s top law enforcement officer.  For the past eight years American justice, law and order have suffered first under Eric Holder and then under Loretta Lynch.  Together with Obama, this trio of committed, Leftist Social Justice Warriors have trampled our Constitution, and the rights and privacy of Americans.  They stood idly by or actively aided President Obama’s ‘weaponization’ of the IRS, the EPA, the NSA, the BLM, and other government departments and bureaus, as Obama set about his extreme Socialist political agenda and turned the full power of the U.S. government against his own people, and conservative Americans in particular… and the Liberal main stream media, and nearly half the country looked the other way.

It’s not time to ‘move on’ and pretend that none of this happened.  It’s not time to ‘bury the hatchet’ and see if we can’t all just get along once again.  This is a war for the very heart of our country, and it starts with law and justice that is equal for all.  Without the rule of law, we are nothing – we have no country!

It’s time to return justice to America and to show Americans that they do still have rights and that politicians are not above the law!  If we fail to prosecute these crimes they will occur again.

Is Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department doing anything?  Sure!  He’s going after the South American transnational gang MS13.  He’s putting pressure on “Sanctuary Cities”.  Good deal!  But the Justice Department has more than 100,000 employees and a great many lawyers.  It should be entirely possible for the DoJ to carry out a hundred investigations at the same time… yet that’s not happening.

The outward appearance is that Jeff Sessions is a staunch Trump supporter.  However, he is either entirely incompetent, is being pressured not to investigate any of the incidents I list above (perhaps by his old buddies in Congress), or perhaps isn’t as much of a Trump supporter as he claims.

Jeff Sessions should be fired immediately… and if I were the President I’d boot Mueller at the same time.  Get this over and done with, and move on to more important matters Mr. President! 

If I were able to give advice directly to President Trump I would tell him that no matter what you do for the next (nearly) four years the entire Democratic Party will still hate you.  The Liberal main stream media will still hate you.  The 47% of the country that didn’t vote for you will still hate you… and a sizable chunk of the Republican Congress will still hate you!

You’re facing a no-win scenario Mr. President.  Your best shot is to make the most of these four years God has given you to be our President, and hope that the 46.4% of Americans who won you the majority of our Electoral College will hold out and back you in 2020.  But if you hesitate and get bogged down in the quicksand your enemies are leading you into, you will be overwhelmed by the cancer that has taken deep root in the swamp that is Washington D.C.

I will be praying for wisdom and boldness for you Mr. President.

And for real Trump supporters out there who are reading this, but are buying into all of the hype about “Russia Gate” and chaos in the Trump administration, and are asking yourselves if you made the right choice last November, ask yourself where we would be if even a few of us had voted for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is our lawfully elected President.  It is highly unlikely that he could ever be impeached.  It’s time for the Republican Party and, indeed, all Americans to get behind him, grow the backbone required to do the hard work of draining the swamp… and make America great again!

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