Suddenly… it’s “Pride Month 2023”
Naked men expose themselves to ‘all ages’ during Seattle's "Pride Month" Parade June 26th
Naked men expose themselves to ‘all ages’ during Seattle’s “Pride Month” Parade June 26th

You can roll your eyes and tell me that the “LGBTQ movement” and “Pride Month” are just examples of a small, but vocal fringe percentage of the country.  You can tell me that we’ve always had gays, and we always will have gays.  And that’s true!  The Bible addresses homosexuality at length, especially in the Old Testament as early as Genesis 19:1-11, which was written as long as 3,000 years ago.

You can tell me that this is all “just a phase” and that most of these kids will soon “grow out of this”.  Well, that bit is not true.  One in four American high school students (they’re GenZ) identifies as LGBTQ in one form or another.  And our sick and damaged society, with our Leftist and Progressive teachers, will ensure that the generations that follow will be indoctrinated into these deviancies even more so.

No, this is not a phase of youthful rebellion.  This is a movement that’s sweeping our country, and it’s being driven by our own government, from President Biden on down, as did President Obama before him.

So, let’s examine some of the events of “Pride Month 2023”:


Now tell me… do you remember all of that happening in 2022?  Of course not, because it didn’t happen in 2022.  This is all new just this year.

Yes, there were parades in some major cities in 2022.  President Biden issued a proclamation and made a speech in 2022.  But that was about it.  No mass merchandising campaigns.  No media blitz.  And it was pretty much the same in 2021.  Of course, in 2020 the country was locked down by COVID.

How about before COVID, in 2019, or 2018?  “Pride Month” first occurred in June of 1970, so 2023 was the 53rd iteration.  Before this year, had you even really been aware that “Pride Month” was happening at all… or that this ‘celebration’ lasted a full month?

Of course, there were some signs developing over several recent years heralding this seemingly sudden change, this sudden explosion of LGBTQ-ness on the American stage:

  • The rise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs – technically around since the 1960s – came into the corporate world as well as our own federal and state governments in 2015 as a way to attract Millennials
  • The 2016 adoption of “Diversity” compliance measures by the Academy Awards, and the Left’s Hollywood propaganda machine, requiring that the LGBTQ agenda be reflected in every motion picture to be considered for an Oscar, to ensure that the LGBTQ drumbeat never stops… including in movies for children
  • The U.S. military embarked on new recruitment programs that embrace the LGBTQ community, replete with drag queen performances, as far back as 2019, in some misguided effort to bolster their lagging recruitment numbers
  • Over this past two or three years, we’ve seen corporation after corporation going “woke” (even in the face of lost revenue totaling billions of dollars) in the pursuit of the now-coveted Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s “Corporate Equality Index for LGBTQ+ Workplace Equality”; Bud Light, Disney Corp movies, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to name just a few from recent months
  • Liberal states are passing pro-LGBTQ laws and assigning fines and jail sentences for those who oppose the LGBTQ agenda
  • Parents protesting LGBTQ pornography in schools, and the wave of LGBTQ indoctrination as early as kindergarten being compared to Nazis, and subsequently investigated by the FBI
  • The Biden-controlled FDA changing its previous firm constraints on blood donors to include high-risk homosexuals weeks before “Pride Month” kicked off as a show of solidarity for the LGBTQ community


But the truth is that prior to 2023, LGBTQ “Pride Month” was a celebration mostly limited to parades in a few large, Liberal cities, a few mentions in the news, happy hours at gay bars, and a proclamation by the President… except during the Trump years.

What bothers me is how the LGBTQ community, leading up to this year’s celebration, has decided to embrace targeting children with social media, peer pressure, propaganda, and ostracization, which has demonstrably increased the suicide rate among GenZ (ages 9 to 24, as of this writing).

Here in America, in the summer of 2023, society in general has decided to embrace discussing sexuality with children as young as kindergarten, or even sooner with pro-LGBTQ parents in the home.

It may make some of you uncomfortable to read this, but truthfully, the entire LGBTQ community suffers from a real, and recognized mental disorder known as “Gender Dysphoria” or GD.  The U.S. government’s National Center for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) defines GD as;

“Gender dysphoria (previously gender identity disorder), according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders are defined as a “marked incongruence between their experienced or expressed gender and the one they were assigned at birth.” People who experience this turmoil cannot correlate to their gender expression when identifying themselves within the traditional, rigid societal binary male or female roles, which may cause cultural stigmatization.”

In their Journal of the National Library of Medicine a November 2019 report titled (and this is only one such report, among dozens of studies), “Gender Dysphoria and Suicidal Ideation” the NCBI states these facts:

  • Adolescent gender dysphoria is increasingly common, especially among youth aged 12-22 (GenZ)
  • There has been documentation of the association of gender dysphoria with numerous other psychiatric conditions as well as attempted and completed suicide
  • A 2017 report from a transgender clinic in Cincinnati found that among youth aged 12-22 (GenZ) with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, 58% had another psychiatric diagnosis, and 30% reported at least one suicide attempt


This is NOT some new lifestyle to be embraced and welcomed, and it never has been.  It’s a mental disorder, and it requires careful, thoughtful medical and psychiatric treatment.

A few states have banned puberty blockers, and so-called “gender affirming surgery” – that’s cutting breasts off of young girls and penises from young boys – and again, President Biden leads the way in demanding that this sort of permanent mutilation is the correct course of medical treatment for these mental disorders.

Concurrently several states are pursuing laws that would allow these treatments to be performed without parental permission.  A new bill making its way through California state legislature – known as Assembly Bill 957 – states that if a parent were to deny the child’s “gender identity,” it would be a violation of the child’s health, safety, and welfare, equivalent to child abuse.

In closing, let me say this; I’m not in any position to judge your sexuality.  Whom you sleep with is none of my business.  Sexual conduct is something that’s regulated by God’s law, of course, and you’ll need to answer to Him later.  I’ll pray for you.  But I don’t need you to share your sexual exploits with me, any more than I’ll share mine with you.  Don’t ask, don’t tell.  No “Gay Parades”, no leather thongs or peacock feathers, no rainbow flags in your front yard.  Just keep that all to yourself and we’ll be fine.

LGBTQ adults – and especially teachers – have no right to be targeting children as young as kindergarten age with sexualization and should be prevented from doing so by law.  Let’s call this out for what it really is – at best it’s grooming, pure and simple.  At worst, it’s child abuse.

And if you think the events of this year’s “Pride Month” were outrageous… I can assure you that this year will pale in comparison to what’s coming in 2024.

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