In Pursuit of the Green Agenda
Air Force crewman inspecting "The Beast" being loaded onto a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
Air Force crewman inspecting “The Beast” being loaded onto a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

The new King of England – well known for his steadfast support for the Global Warm-Cool-Change Agenda – is requesting that visiting heads of State traveling to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral fly by commercial airline and that they move about by British government busses while in England. Hold your breath for that… and I want to see the King fly British Airways on his next trip to America, where we’ll put him on a Greyhound.

Of course, we all know that President Biden will travel on Air Force One – a specially outfitted Boeing VC-25A, the military version of the Boeing 747, which has an operating cost of $200,000 per hour.  That thing burns jet fuel like a hot fuel dragster on “Funny Car Night” in Tallahassee!  And the likelihood is that both Air Force One AND Air Force Two will make the trip, as is customary for security reasons.

But it won’t stop there!

A typical Presidential visit brings with it at least a couple of C-17 cargo planes to carry “several” copies of the Presidential limousine – “The Beast” (yeah, you thought there was just the one, didn’t you!).  Then there are those cool-looking black SUVs that the Secret Service loves so much – they bring those things with them everywhere.

There may be helicopters as well.  Those things actually fold up and fit into those C-17 cargo planes too!

In fact, equipment and personnel are already moving.  The President’s “advance team” maintains a standing, basic plan for Presidential travel to England (and just about every other possible destination in the world as well) ‘on the shelf’ at all times, and they began dusting it off as soon as the Queen took ill.  Members of that team are already on the ground in London.

Right now, our embassy in London is a madhouse of activity.

Literally, thousands of people will travel with President Biden on his visit to England; government advisors of every stripe who’ll take the opportunity to make first contact with the new government of the King, Secret Service Agents, of course, photographers, journalists, communications people, pilots, drivers, mechanics, and even cooks.

President Bush’s visit to London in November of 2003, required 1,204 members of the Defense Department, 250 Secret Service officers, 205 White House staff, 103 CIA officers, 44 members of the State Department, 30 more from various other Cabinet offices, 18 Senior Advance Office staff, 16 Congressmen and 12 sniffer dogs.  That’s 2,166 people, not including the President himself and members of his family, or the White House Press Corps… or the sniffer dogs.

And President Biden will probably be bringing the Easter Bunny with him… I don’t think he has any choice in that.

I’ve experienced the chaos of a Presidential visit myself firsthand.  I was assigned to President Bush’s reception detail when he visited Fort Lewis, Washington in June of 2004.  It was nothing short of massive and spectacular, and lasted many days, although the President himself was only on the ground for a few hours.  And all of that for a visit to an already very secure post-9/11 Army base in the United States!

Of course, other national leaders will travel more austerely, some with entourages of perhaps only dozens.  But the thought that they’ll travel by commercial airline is a joke.  They don’t travel to the G7 Leaders’ Summit or the annual World Economic Forum in Davos by commercial air!

Every Presidential trip costs tens of millions of dollars and dumps tons of CO2 into the air.

The King may be able to hold the line on the final leg of travel to the site of the funeral itself being carried out on those government buses of his.  I suppose with enough security sweeping it’s possible.  I’ll be watching closely to see President Biden stepping out of one of those.

Can you imagine the terrorist value in taking out one of those buses with an armed drone or a rocket-propelled grenade killing 30 world leaders at one time?

All of those people and planes and vehicles traveling with world leaders isn’t about arrogance or wastefulness, it’s about security and diplomacy.  And the very idea that even if every one of these national leaders did comply with the King’s wishes that the carbon emissions of the world would dip one iota is absurd.

Those who worship at the altar of Global Warm-Cool-Change, like England’s new King (and, in fact, nearly every other Western leader including our President), believe that they can dictate that the great unwashed masses buy $60,000 electric cars on the one hand and endure rolling brown-outs as we see now in California on the other.  They’re willing to choke the life out of people in England and Western Europe and America, while they allow China – the worst polluter in the world, dumping TWICE the CO2 the U.S. produces into the air annually – to continue merrily along.

Regardless of how you may see the Global Warm-Cool-Change “issue”, we cannot cripple the economies of the Western nations and allow China – one of the greatest threats to the security of the world – to continue unabated… climatologically or economically, and hence, militarily.  That’s exactly what the Paris Agreement does.

But this climate grandstanding by the King of England, even if it were to garner support from all of the world leaders in attendance at the Queen’s funeral, only serves to highlight the real world – where Americans pay well over $4.00 a gallon for gas, and where, this winter, Eastern Europeans will shiver in the dark as Russia uses its stranglehold on natural gas as a weapon – that they are entirely blind to our plight.  Indeed, “let them eat cake”.

The world needs real solutions to real problems. We need a real plan that can be implemented gradually over time, without crippling our economy, and driving us into inflation and recession, as Biden’s “Green Agenda” has certainly done.

Returning to our pre-Biden energy production is part of that real solution, at the very least for the near term.  America was a net exporter of energy right up to the day Biden took office.  Biden put an immediate stop to that, crashed our economy, and sent us into uncontrolled inflation and, now, recession.

Nuclear power is part of that real solution; we can do that safely.  We cannot rely on solar, and hydroelectric is expensive and only part of the answer.

And for anyone seeking a global solution, holding other nations to account for their pollution must be part of any real answer.  This means corporate America, and the Biden family, need to wean themselves off the Chinese teat.  Here’s a little reading on that…

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