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A Very Worried President Biden

Chinese Aggression

Aggressive Chinese military actions are in the news today; their support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, updates to their own nuclear weapons programs, and shipments of anti-aircraft missiles to Serbia.  And we dare not take our eye off of China, no doubt about that. Speaking of taking one’s eye off the ball, you may recall

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Wreckage of Soleimani's Vehicle

Death of a Monster

Iran is a global sponsor of terror.  They’ve been on the U.S. list of terrorist nations since 1984.  Their Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its subordinate special operations organization the Quds Force (In Arabic, Jerusalem is most commonly known as al-Quds, meaning “The Holy Sanctuary”) which specializes in unconventional warfare and operates globally organizing,

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Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel!

There seems to be some confusion at the moment (Tuesday, April 7th 2015) about where we currently stand on our negotiations with Iran on its nuclear weapons program (and that’s exactly what it is folks.) Have we signed a treaty with Iran? If not when do we expect to do that? If we do sign a

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Iran’s Nuclear Deadline

Today is Tuesday, the 31st of March, and it’s the deadline set for the completion of negotiations with Iran concerning their nuclear program by the US State Department – whether it’s true purpose is for peaceful power generation or for producing nuclear weapons… or both. While little is known about Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations

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Reality Check – Part 1: We Got Trouble

Introduction: I’ve been trying to get this article written and up on my site for about a couple of months now.  I finally got the motivation I needed to finish it (at least this first part) a couple of days ago when President Obama finally provided the nation and the world with the details of

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Stripped naked, thrown into a cage and torn apart by 120 starving dogs. That’s how the leader of North Korea – Dennis Rodman’s ‘bestest buddy’ Kim Jong Un had his “scum” uncle and five of his aides executed a few days ago.  This form of execution actually has a name in North Korea.  It’s called “quan jue”,

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Iranian Bomb

In case you weren’t paying attention… I know, all the pot, Doritos and Halo – looks like the Iranians are just about to detonate a nuclear weapon! Good for them, huh?  Man, that was sure a lot faster than the “five to ten years” the Obama administration has been touting for the past… uh, three

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