Iran’s Nuclear Deadline
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who seems to be finding something humorous which Kerry has missed completely
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry shakes hands with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif who seems to have found something humorous which Kerry has missed completely

Today is Tuesday, the 31st of March, and it’s the deadline set for the completion of negotiations with Iran concerning their nuclear program by the US State Department – whether it’s true purpose is for peaceful power generation or for producing nuclear weapons… or both.

While little is known about Secretary of State John Kerry’s negotiations with the Iranian theocracy many believe that the concessions Iran will be making are superficial and easily reversible. Critics maintain that the current negotiations do not cover critical aspects such as continued work on weaponization of enriched uranium, or the Iranian ballistic missile program which could certainly be the delivery system for any future nuclear weapon that might be developed.

Just two days ago Iranian negotiators stated that they would not be transferring possession of their stockpile of Uranium to the Russians as previously agreed upon.

Of course all of our negotiations assume that we actually have a clear picture of the Iranian nuclear program as it stands now, and that we will be able to easily and openly inspect what Iran is up to once we sign an agreement, which we probably will not be allowed to do. You will recall the run-around that North Korea and Iraq under Saddam Hussein gave United Nations inspectors for years.

The pacifists who comprise a large portion of the Democrat Party, and who have been specifically sought out by President Obama to staff his administration, believe that nothing is worth war. They literally would choose a nuclear armed Iran and the inevitable Middle Eastern arms race it would bring about over any kind military intervention. The problem with that viewpoint is that it’s the same reasoning that allowed Hitler to quietly recover Germany from the devastation of World War One and position himself for the much larger conflagration of World War Two.

The Democrats and their supportive Leftist main-stream media have sold America on the lie that we are “war-weary” and that America will not support further conflict. In fact World War Two cost infinitely more than both the war in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and we managed to survive as a nation, and in fact thrive thereafter. The real story is that we lost more American lives on the single day of D-Day, June 6th 1944 as we invaded fortress Europe than in both of these modern conflicts combined.

The pacifists in America believe that the Iranians are not insane and would never actually use any nuclear weapons they might eventually obtain. They direct our attention to our Cold War with the Soviet Union wherein the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. faced each other across the globe, each with a finger on “the button” and yet nobody blinked, and the much-feared nuclear war never materialized.

There’s a huge difference between the Cold War era Russians and the present day leadership in Iran. The Russians truly believed of our succession of Presidents throughout the Cold War that the any attack against the U.S. would be immediately met with “mutual assured destruction” – a full-blown nuclear exchange. However, now, facing down the Iranians, the Ayatollahs do not believe that President Obama will attack because the Iranians do not directly threaten America. Further, based on our treatment of Israel since President Obama took office, the Iranians believe that America will not come to the aid of Israel even after a nuclear attack on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem… right or wrong I assure you that this is what they believe.

The pacifists believe that if we make a temporary “bad deal” with Iran it will slow their move to develop a nuclear weapon and give us time to… to… well, figure some other way to fix the mess we’re in.

The truth is that once a “bad deal” is struck President Obama, the compliant main-stream media and the majority of the America people will find other things to worry about. In that lull the Iranians will build their bomb – in total secrecy, just as they began their nuclear weapons program decades ago.

The Democrats believe that if we fail to make a deal with Iran that they will move headlong to develop a bomb and that will spark a race to the bomb across the Middle East. Yet there is another choice that will both prevent Iran from obtaining a bomb AND prevent an arms race – use the full power of the U.S. military to destroy the Iranian nuclear development facilities.

I’m not talking about a prolonged war here, and I’m not talking about “boots on the ground. I’m talking about 30 days of sustained hell on Earth for every single Iranian government facility that could possibly be linked to a nuclear weapons program.

But I advocate that we do not stop there. We should take this opportunity to destroy every jet fighter, attack helicopter, tank, missile launcher and armored personnel carrier we can find. We should sink every ship in the Iranian navy. We should turn every command and control facility in the entire Iranian military and government into smoking craters. Lastly – while we’re at it – we should lay waste to any business assets associated with the Iranian Quds Force (

A sustained, focused assault on the Iranian government and its infrastructure will not only stop the current Iranian nuclear program, but it will open another window of opportunity for the Iranian people to overthrow their oppressive government (

Of course there will be huge repercussions of such an attack! Iran will HATE us – ya, as if they don’t hate us already. We will regain the respect and fear of our enemies, and our allies may be convinced that we’ve found our balls once again. The whole world will sit up and take notice. The Arabs will breathe a sigh of relief, and our true friends in Israel will finally catch a break.

The downside is that people will die. Iranians will die – some of them will be innocent Iranians. The death toll will probably be in the thousands. That’s unfortunate. But the alternative is to leave Iran as a “threshold nuclear power.” Many believe that eventually the Iranians will achieve their goal of obtaining a nuclear weapon. I am among them. When the Iranians do use their nuclear weapons against Israel – something they have sworn to do – the death toll will be in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps in the millions.

The deal President Obama is about to make with the Iranians is a bad deal. It leaves Iran a “threshold nuclear power.” They’ll be able to complete development in months. But the truth is that they’ll continue to work on their nuke in secret just as they have always done, and they’ll frustrate the inspectors just like the North Koreans did.

Ya… North Korea. Remember when North Korea was years away from having a nuclear bomb… and then suddenly they weren’t?

In my mind there is NO deal that is acceptable which allows Iran to retain ANY uranium enrichment capability.

It’s like the scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail when the guy is running toward the castle gate yet never seems to arrive. The guards watch him running and running, and then suddenly there he is and both guards are swiftly run though!

In several places the Qur’an provides for lying, deception and misdirection in several places – the concepts of Taqiyya and Kitman are two of these. Generally the idea is that it is acceptable to lie to “non-believers” especially “to advance the cause Islam, or to “gain the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.” ( What makes our President and his administration believe that this is not what is driving the ruling clerics of Iran?

We’re out of options here folks. In 2010 “someone” released the “Stuxnet” computer virus on the Iranian nuclear research computers which gave us a couple of years. Then in 2011 and 2012 “someone else” assassinated some key Iranian nuclear researchers, but that did not stop their program ( In October of 2013 USA Today reported that the Iranians may be only months away from detonating their first test nuclear weapon (… and the U.S. panicked. Sanctions were not having the desired effect so Secretary of State John Kerry began to give in to the Iranian nuclear negotiators demands who were happy for the additional time to develop their nuclear weapon. And now today, March 31st 2015 time’s up… theoretically.

This game of nuclear cat-and-mouse is a game we historically suck at. Eventually Iran will achieve its goal of becoming a nuclear armed nation unless drastic measures are taken.

Sometimes the only option left is kick some ass…

USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy, in the Indian Ocean
USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy, in the Indian Ocean
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