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Führer Adolf Hitler and his Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels with other high ranking members of the Nazi Party

The Big Lie

American Liberals live in a strange world. In the Liberal world, America enjoys low crime, a stable economy, a secure border, and a strong foreign policy. In the Liberal world, America’s President is loved and respected far and wide, as an experienced elder statesman, the venerated leader of the free world. In the Liberal world, Global Warm-Cool-Change is a greater threat than China or Russia.

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Mr. Bill O'Reilly, a man for whom I hold the deepest respect

Loons! They Walk Among Us! A rebuttal to Mr. Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points of the 22nd of August, 2016

September 15th, 2016 Dear Mr. O’Reilly: On the 22nd of August in your opening remarks you attempted to paint the picture that America’s far Left loons (for this article I’ll accept the term, one of your favorite epithets) were very similar to America’s far Right loons.  No doubt you drew this analogy in an attempt

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The 45% – Partly Dead is Still Mostly Alive

Somewhere between 40% and 45%… that’s about how many Americans still think Obama and the Democrats are doing a good job.  Of course you can bet that those are all Democrats! But that does NOT mean that the inverse portion of Americans – the other 55% to 60% – is suddenly going to suddenly start

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America’s Challenges – Worst Case Scenario

  Warning: this article contains unfiltered personal opinion, sweeping generalities and dire predictions. Further I fully expect and hope that this generates significant controversy and comment! I tell you that today – January of 2014 – our Union is far from lost.  America is still the strongest, richest and most free nation on Earth.  However

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