Your Computer Ate Your E-Mail?
Harry Reid with President Obama
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid with President Obama, a man he once called a “light-skinned” African-American with “no negro dialect unless he wanted one”

Of all of the lies, cover-ups and misdirection that the Obama administration has been responsible for since the 20th of January 2009 perhaps the most egregious is the recent announcement by the IRS that due to a “server crash” they have “lost” all of the outgoing e-mail belonging not only Lois Learner but conveniently to six others who are also under investigation for the very two years of e-mails that are in question.

If you’ve been living in a cave, or if you get your news from MSNBC and believe that everything on Fox News is a lie you can get caught up here

By way of qualifying my further comments here I will state that after 25 years “under the ruck” as an Army Infantryman I was too broken to continue in that career field. I managed to do what is normally not permitted for an NCO so late in his career. I managed to transition into a new career in Data Processing, which quickly became what the Army now refers to as Cyberspace Operations. For the past 15 years I have worked in that arena. I know what I’m talking about.

Now that the IRS has had many months to prepare for this outrageous declaration it is highly likely that they have already completely covered their tracks. In order to do that they would have had to enlist the assistance of their own internal Information Technology department to ensure that the e-mails in question have been permanently deleted from their server backups. Programs such as BCWipe ( and many, many others are quite capable of semi-permanently deleting the e-mails in question from all but the most exhaustive and meticulous computer forensic reconstruction techniques… the sort of thing the N.S.A. is capable of, for example.

Short of the U.S. Department of Justice led by Eric Holder directing the F.B.I. or the U.S. Marshalls to forcibly seize the IRS servers in question it is quite impossible to legally gain access to the information required to prove the IRS claims one way or the other. Of course there is zero chance that Holder will do that.

A Special Prosecutor has the authority to issue those same orders to the F.B.I. or the U.S. Marshalls but so far there is insufficient support that such a prosecutor will ever be appointed… at least not with the current Congress. This is not hypocrisy in the Congress and the other branches of government. It is criminal and unconstitutional activity perpetrated against the American people.

The U.S. Congress has the power to appoint a Special Prosecutor but it will take the support of both Houses of Congress. That means those in Congress who still believe in our Constitution and the freedom of the American people will have to vote to support such an initiative.

In the Senate there is zero chance of that happening because the Democrats control that body and Harry Reid won’t even allow a vote on such a proposal. The other Democrats will follow in mindless lock-step.

In light of the threat of the loss of control of the Senate to the GOP this coming November, just this morning there is a glimmer of hope that Reid and the Democratically controlled Senate may support the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. I don’t buy it though.

I believe that the only hope of getting to the truth of what happened in the IRS is to vote out Democrat Senators and vote in Republican Senators. Even then there’s no guarantee that the GOP will support the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. The GOP – much like the DNC – has only one overriding driving motivation… re-election.

This is without a doubt the most lawless administration that I can personally recall since at least Nixon, and perhaps in the history of our country. As long as Holder controls the Justice Department and Reid blocks the search for the truth in the Senate Obama is free to do just about anything he wants to do in the White House. It’s the perfect storm.

It would be great if some anonymous “white hat” hacker were to do what Congress cannot, which is to break into the IRS servers, do the necessary digging and find the “missing” e-mails… if that is even still possible.

Having said that I suspect that the very hard drives in question – those from the servers that would contain the multiple backups – have already been physically destroyed. That is the only condition I can imagine under which the IRS would dare make such an outrageous claim.

This latest lie being fed to the American people isn’t even something that has a veneer of probability to it! It is entirely impossible that these e-mails have been lost short of malicious and deliberate destruction committed by a conspiracy of high-ranking officials in the IRS, perhaps at the direction of the White House.

We are at a very dangerous point in our history. Obama is completely out of control and I do believe that our very Republic teeters on the brink of falling into a totalitarian dictatorship (

If we continue on our present path, if the IRS is allowed to sell this lie to the American people, if the Department of Justice turns a blind eye on this lie, if our Congress cannot act to counter all of that, if we cannot wrest control of the Senate from the Democrat Party in 2014, if Obama is allowed to perpetrate lie after scandal after lie on this nation and if we drive the final nails into the coffin of freedom by doing something like electing Hillary Clinton President in 2016 I fear that America will not recover.


… and as it turns out the IRS announced late yesterday afternoon that the “crashed” IRS hard drives were indeed “recycled.” If that’s the case the e-mails in question will never be recovered.

In Jay Carney’s final press conference as White House Spokesman he delivered the update to the press corps and ended his remarks with a flippant “… sorry to disappoint.” Actually I was a little surprised he didn’t drop his pants and BA the country from the podium.

According to Federal regulations the IRS is required to maintain these very e-mails for several years IN HARD COPY! That’s right! Their own regulations in the 21st century actually require that HARD COPIES be filed and stored!

This is nothing short of the same illegal destruction characterized for so many years by the equally illegal document shredding during the Watergate investigation.

In other news, turns out that NONE of the main stream media organizations reported on this story (destruction of IRS e-mails) AT ALL! Not one single mention, other than Fox News and the Conservative online news magazines and blogs (like National Review Online, But of course everything Fox News reports is a lie, and since the hard drives have disappeared… well, maybe this whole thing didn’t really even happen. Maybe it was all manufactured by the “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.”

Go back to sleep America… nothing to see here.

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