Veteran’s Day 2013
World War Two Veteran
World War Two Veteran, a member of the “Greatest Generation”

Veteran’s Day; most of you will be off tomorrow for Veteran’s Day, Monday the 11th of November (it’s already Monday morning here.) It’s a good chance for a last BBQ before winter really sets in.

For the Vets among you – thank you for your service. There is no higher calling in life in my humble opinion.

For everyone else please take just a few minutes to reflect on what Veteran’s Day is all about… recollecting the sacrifice made by American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines since well before we even had this great nation of ours.

Take a moment to shake the hand of that old guy in the wheel chair with the black baseball cap with all the pins on it and the embroidered name of the battleship he served on when he was young and whole.

Spend a couple of dollars to have some Girl Scout cookies sent to Servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan.

Help a church box up care packages for US troops serving under horrendous conditions all over the world so that you can be free.

If you live near a military hospital of any size at all there is almost certainly a Wounded Warrior unit there. Stop by and comfort a Vet who gave his legs so that you can vote freely, and sleep through the night without fear. Just say “Thanks” to that Veteran.

Please visit and sign up for a one-time donation or a monthly donation of $19 a month.

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